Tuesday, May 29, 2007

answering the homeless question

I apologize to those who feared I was still homeless. No worries! I am being well taken care of!

My sister (and husband and 3 kids) all packed up and moved to Vegas on Sunday. It was one very long and crazy weekend getting that all taken care of. I’m not going to mention how much I will miss my nephews or how cute they were when they said goodbye, cause then I’d just start crying, and I don’t have time for that right now! (But I will mention that Dallin asked a couple of times if he can call me and ask me to come play at his house whenever he wants.)

Natalie got out the door and on her way Sunday afternoon, and I went off to my temporary abode in South Provo. My good guy friend Cary came to my rescue late last week and found me a place to stay. Cary and I go WAY back. He and I have been friends since our very first day of college 14 years ago. Knowing I’d have him as my first friend here was one of the comforting parts of making the big leap to move here. Anyway, I mentioned my problem to him last week and how I suck at asking for help, and he came through for me. He hooked me up with a friend with an empty room and I’m staying at her place for a few days. (I am sure there will be plenty of more Cary sightings in the blog in the future.)

So I have a place to crash and I can move into my place in a few more days- yeah! I got to have an unexpectedly fun Memorial Day. My hostess just happened to be planning a big picnic up off the Alpine Loop, and invited me along. I got to meet several people and make a few friends. Everyone was really nice and very fun. The food and scenery was also incredible! It felt good to be out with the people that I know will be my friends soon. Good as in I got to get out and have a social experience and good as in comforting to know there is a life to be had here.

Just a few more days of this transitory chaos and I’ll be in my own home. I can’t wait!

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