Wednesday, May 02, 2007

don't worry! i didn't forget you!

Time for our weekly Idol fix.

Where to start?? It was Bon Jovi night, and as anyone with half a brain that has ever spent a few passing hours in my presence knows, I LOVE BON JOVI. So to hear their various renditions of some of my all time favorite tunes was pretty much killing me. But on with it.

Phil-"Blaze of Glory" Up to this moment in time I have always liked Phil, but have not fallen in love with him. I am now officially in luv with Phil. (and I think it is so cute how he searches the crowd shamelessly to smile at his wife)

Jordin- "Livin on a Prayer" Girlfriend let me down! But I've figured out why she sucked so bad. She's too young! She knows punk, she knows grunge and she thinks she has witnessed metal in her short life span. But hair bands were before she was born (oh man, i did not just say that). And that is why she had no idea how to rock out this song tonight. I'm calling it for Jordin this week. She's going bye bye.

LaKisha- "This Ain't a Love Song"- for the first time (I think) I actually liked her. It may only be because I wasn't overly familiar with this song. And seeing her kiss Simon? Priceless!

Blake- "You Give Love a Bad Name" Now, before we go any further it must be said that, IMHO, this is one of the greatest rock songs of all time. And if not of all time, at least of my beloved sixth grade year. When he first took the stage and we saw he was going to beat box this song, my heart sunk. I hated him and hated what he did to one of my beloved hair band rock songs. This song is a classic! How dare you mess with perfection?? But you know what? He totally pulled it out. He was awesome. I now declare him my front runner for overall winner. I never ever want to hear him beat box Bon Jovi again, but he officially rocks at his own special style.

Chris- "Wanted Dead or Alive" Want to know how much he sucked? I didn't even finish listening. I got through about 1 minute and fast forwarded through the rest. Painful.

Melinda- "Have a Nice Day" I have to admit I was dreading hearing the matronly midget sing Bon Jovi. I think she could have done better. But her mini-Tina Turner channeling worked, and she didn't make me hate her this week.

I say Chris and Jordin are going. It's inevitable.

My finalists are:
1. Blake
2. Melinda
3. Phil
4. LaKisha
5/6 Chris and Jordin
But depending on next week's format (which I don't know yet) Phil and Lakisha could switch spots.

At the end of the show they had a clip of Pres and Mrs. Bush thanking the country for their donations during last week's special. Did anyone bust out laughing and get a flashback to that horrendous Hugh Grant/Mandy Moore movie, "American Dreamz?"

I shall now go to bed singing/headbanging my way to "SHOT THROUGH THE HEART AND YOU'RE TO BLAME! DARLIN, YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME!"
(and wishing that someone had done "It's My Life" or "Always" instead)

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