Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I swear I wouldn't make a list, but this one is different, really.

Each day I am more and more aware of how very different my life is now from the life I knew just a few short months ago. And I'm not just talking about having a new job. Forgive me for something so incredibly shallow, but today I became acutely aware of my skin. While typing at work I started to become very aware of how dry my hands are. So I put on lotion. Within the hour I noticed I was ashy again. So I put on more lotion. I'm still ashy. The cycle repeats a dozen more times. Five minutes ago I put on some extra strength, feels like Vaseline, massive moisturizing cream on my hands, and then thought, "yuck, this will make it hard to type with my hands all greased up." But no, I walked the 3 feet from the bathroom to the desk and realize, that sure enough, I'm ashy already again.
Do you remember that really dumb lotion commercial from years ago where the girl writes the word "dry" on her dry skin? I just did that on my shins.
It's little things like this that are making me more and more aware of how different my new life is. There's a different climate, different surroundings, etc. And the latest change, I'm not showering solo anymore.
Today while in the shower the curtain suddenly got pulled back and my favorite 2 year old was standing there- stark naked and preparing to enter the tub. I told him that, no, I was using the shower and he wasn't invited. He very calmly looked me in the eye and said, "poop." And proceeded to climb in anyway. As soon as his little cheeks were rounding the top of the tub I could see that yes, in fact, he was covered in poop. He very masterfully switched the shower controls from shower to lower tub faucet and I lost my place in line for the shower.
Yes, my life is definitely very different now.

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