Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Idling on Idol

This week I watched Idol with my favorite snuggle partner, Porter (the 2 yr old). I think his actions throughout the show summed it up well.
First, it was Barry Gibbs/Bee Gees week, so all the music pretty much sucked.
Melinda was on first. Porter moved about the room unaware that someone was trying to get attention and only looked up for the last big note. He didn't applaud.
Blake- Porter climbed on the bed and watched with a smile on his face, and did eventually dance to the beat boxing. But he and I both agreed with Randy that not every song needs a beat box soundtrack to it.
LaKisha- surprisingly Porter sat and listened to the entire thing and clapped at the end. But he also applauded for Simon's criticisms, so it's hard to say what he was thinking.
And then my girl Jordin came on. Porter was on his feet and singing with her the whole time. And gave her a standing ovation. I felt the same way.
Melinda came back for round 2. Porter chose to dive off the bed rather than suffer through another loud black diva voice turning disco into gospel. I would have liked to have done the same myself.
Blake- Porter actually ran from the room. Like most people, I had no previous experience with that song, so I didn't hate hate it. But the beat boxing got old.
LaKisha was so freaking boring that Little P didn't even come back for it, and I fast forwarded it.
Jordin looked killer in her dress, and Porter pointed at her and said "pretty" a few times. The song was pretty too, but quite frankly, not her best.
Porter and I actually voted for the first time this season tonight. But I'm not saying for who.

My revised line up-
1. Jordin
2. Blake
3. Melinda
4. LaKisha
But really, I think it is a total toss up tonight.

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