Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Idol Chatter

Okay, so I'm a little late getting to see last night's Idol. But I just watched it in time to post my review before the East Coast gets the results.
Jordin- She rocked. I loved her. But I think she'll be going home tonight because, well, someone has to.
Blake- He was incredible on his Maroon 5 song. Definitely his vibe, and I can't wait to buy his CD some day.
Melinda was Melinda. Technically flawless, decent on stage, but still does nothing to excite me.
Who do I think wins overall? Blake.
Stop and think people! Do we want another Fantasia or Taylor Hicks to win? Two people who won but went on to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with their winning status? Melinda will go on to nothing. Blake will be a superstar in a short period of time. And Jordin is going to tear up Broadway in a big way!

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  1. Robert Moore11:47 PM

    Yeah, Fantasia has done absolutely NOTHING since winning idol. She just won and went right back home to sit on the couch. She never put out any records, she never had a book on the best sellers list, she never had a high rated TV movie, she never went to broadway and tackled the most challenging lead role on broadway today to rave reviews. She never broke the broadway box office records. She didn't have 6.5 million in advance sales to see HER on broadway in the color purple.

    Yeah, you're right, fantasia has done absolutely nothing, I'm surpise you even remember her name. Isn't that weird that you remember a person's name who's done nothing in three whole years? WOW you must not be doing to much either then.


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