Saturday, May 05, 2007

made it

exactly 34 hours of driving later, i made it!
it's always interesting to see that some of the pictures i sent from my phone didn't make it via mobile blogger. odd.
the trip was mostly uneventful. not one car or traffic problem. iowa was foggy and boring. nebraska was overcast and boring. and it snowed the entire way across wyoming. it is also my humble opinion that wyoming has the nastiest truck stops, but other than that, it was very pretty (what i could see through the snow white-out conditions). i had started the day in illinois in lovely warm sunny weather, so i was wearing flip flops and capri pants. you can only imagine the looks i got in laramie as i pumped gas standing in 2 inches of snow shivering my butt off.
but i'm in utah. time for the new life to start!

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