Thursday, May 24, 2007

men suck and i do have my reasons

last night a guy actually attempted to have a "what are we talk" with me. i do NOT do what are we talks. especially when we are nothing.
i woke up convinced today would be a better day and then...
by lunch time i had been lied to by a guy. because he was too much of an idiot to just be direct and honest with me.
by 3 pm i had made a man blush several shades of red.
by 5 pm i had very likely been seriously mislead by a guy. he's getting some benefit of the doubt, at least until i get a real explanation, but really, the damage is done and i'm heart broken over it. more than i had expected to be.
before dinner i took porter out for a car ride and vented my frustrations to him. he waited a second and said, "love you?" and then he insisted on giving me a kiss when i dropped him off (and took his brother out for a car ride).
at dinner time the brother picked up my shirt, poked his finger into my belly and declared, "you make baby in there?"
I was pretty much ready to just give up and have a girls night all my own with the TiVo and some pizza...
But then...
our stinking TiVo cut out 2 minutes before Idol was over.
And then...
somehow (aka a little boy did it) the TiVO got unplugged and didn't record the last 30 minutes of LOST.

I'm not happy.
This pretty much qualifies as a really really crappy no good very bad day with few highlights.


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  2. wow, how in the world do you have this much stiff with this many men this shortly after moving?

    I'm totally sorry your last couple days have sucked. The DVR freakout happened to me during the finale of the office and I was not happy.

  3. 2 of the men mentioned have been relationships that have been going on prior to me arriving in Utah.
    But after some thinking I'm over all of it. They were all a part of my past life. And I've decided they won't be in the new and forward moving life!


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