Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Natalie Goes to Ikea

I'll save my thoughts about Utah going absolutely crazy over a freaking Ikea opening for later. (hello- traffic closures, round the clock news coverage??)

But until then, does anyone else recognize the girl in this picture??

It's not yet confirmed, but I do believe that would be my sister. I'm not sure who she is with, but whoever it is is holding Porter. (Natalie isn't answering the phone, so I can't get this confirmed.)


  1. I talked with Natalie. She claims it isn't her. But she was there and even she was surprised to see how much the girl in the picture looks like her.
    My dad also saw the picture and thought it was Natalie. I think she's tricking. I think it is her. Maybe she bought us Christmas presents in there and just doesn't want to tell us!

  2. jules9:41 AM

    It looked like she also had a little girl with not Natalie.


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