Thursday, May 17, 2007

things i learned today

When taking 3 little boys to the Party Store you can learn a lot about their personalities.
Porter went up and down every aisle and found every single ball and/or shiny object, and HAD to have it- NOW. He's also not afraid to dive right out of the basket/buggy thing head first. And doesn't cry on impact if he can still reach the Spiderman nerf ball.
Dallin managed to find every single gross or disgusting toy that is meant to squish, splurt or just be gross. And fell in love with it.
Tell can get excited about every single random object in a party store, even if it has absolutely no purpose at all. Including light up hula hoops.

Other things I learned-
3 little boys who haven't seen their dad in nearly 3 weeks will act out in new and inventive ways. Up to and including brushing their teeth with toilet bowl water.
When extracting a 2 yr old from a playground, always make sure the kicking feet end of the child is pointing away from you, or risk losing a kidney or two. If this child calls you "Owie," and is going to yell it loudly as you wrestle him home, learn to walk fast.
Single moms deserve awards for not killing their young.

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