Thursday, June 28, 2007

Making Friends Utah Style

For about a week now I've been completely sleep deprived. It started with going to the Due West concert last week and ended (hopefully) last night. The sleep deprivation was seriously starting to take its toll, but it was all for a good cause- making friends!
A sidenote, not in anyway meant to be a negative note- something different about my life here as compared to home is that I'm still not really feeling a part of a ward/congregation. I've been attending one and I've met a few people there. But quite frankly, I don't belong there (yet). So it has been convenient and great for me that I've had so many chances to meet people from LDS lately. And this post is all about the crazy friends I have met through there.
(because i know there are a few people who are protective of having their real names used, i will keep to using all screennames.)
Last Friday, 2 very popular Linksters came into town, and therefore a party must be held. VegasBrad, from Vegas obviously, and Strange Daze from L.A. So they invited about 40 of their closest friends to dinner and, well, I think the pictures speak for themselves.
It was my second chance to meet several people (having met them at the campout the week before), which was great. I got to solidify a few friendships and spend a little more time with a few familiar friends.

Specifically, ViolinMom!

This would be Krispy, Elephant Man and me (Erin Queen of Hickville). Our end of the table was a little crazy crowded, but we certainly had fun!

Brad demonstrated some of his finer dance moves.

Dinner was great, the food was great, the company was great, and the conversation was great. As you can see, I did my fair share of talking! (is that the most accurate picture of me ever, or what?)

Dinner was over at a slightly reasonable hour, but then I got home and stayed up all night talking to somebody. I'm not complaining, I'm just explaining this leads to the massive sleep deprivation. I think I went to bed at 4:30 a.m.

And then it was Saturday.
I shopped. I shopped and shopped and shopped. And spent more money on clothes in one day than I have in the entire past year. No regrets!!
Following that, and only adding to my sleep deprivation was a late night drive in movie with ShaBang! We saw Evan Almighty, and I slept through Shrek 3. Not sure if I really cared for either movie. And again, I stayed up most of the night after that talking to Somebody.

Sunday was first church obviously. It always is. And then it was Food of the Gods time. FotG is apparently a tradition held when VegasBrad and a few others get together. It's what it sounds like. An entire party based around just eating really good food. This Sunday it was 6 straight hours of really great food. And of course, laughing with friends.

Here we have ViolinMom (also just in town visiting- from Missouri!), Strange Daze herself, Scarface, Dead Sexxy Nerdspouse and Just Beautiful all getting cozy on the couch. In case you are curious, Scarface and Dead Sexxy Nerdspouse are married. And the rest of us are just jealous that they are so dang cute.

And look, here we have Krispy again! This time she has stolen the sweetest little boy in the world away from me. I had stolen him away from Dead Sexxy Nerdspouse, who had stolen him from his mother, ^AVGGIRL22 (above average girl). Therefore, I have named him, ^AvgBabyBoy.

Here are some more of the lovely ladies that were there. I believe going from left to right they are- iNikki, Blizzey, ViolinMom, ^AvgGirl22, SpecialK?, HolyMag (down under the others), and LuvsMusic. But I could be wrong about 2 of those names!

Next I have to share this picture of myself. Why? Because if you have been paying attention, you know I'm really not photogenic at all. Which is why I love this picture of me. The shirt adds about 30 lbs to me, and therefore has been burned, but other than that, I love this picture!

Here's a picture of the man responsible for most of the above pictures, Not Steve Martin.

And the front of Brad.

And a lovely shot of miss Strange Daze again.

And let's not forget our hostess, Gathering Moss.

The party was fun. I met so many other people that I just don't have the time or energy to post more pictures of. I really enjoyed just chatting and hanging out with everyone.
And then, if you can believe it, I went home and stayed up all night talking to somebody. And as you already know, I went to Fall Out Boy on Monday night with Nerdspouse. And then Tuesday night was the naughty bridal shower. The what? Oh yes, my friends, I attended a naughty bridal shower. More details on that to come in a few days. But again, got home really late. But didn't stay up too late talking to a certain somebody. And then last night, Wednesday, ugh. Food poisoning and a a kitty overdose. Seriously. My kitten, Mork, ate my sleeping pill, making life for me just a little difficult.
But really, that's a story for another day.

My First Favorite Nephew

Meet Tell, my adorable oldest nephew.
Now laugh with me at the funniest thing he has ever said.

Tell is (like all good children) deep into a questions phase. He drives my sister crazy with some of his bizarre questions. Yesterday it was, "Mom, what's a dictatorship?" After she got over her confusion as to why a 7 yr old would ask such a question, she attempted to answer him. "Well, Tell it's when there's a leader that tells everyone what to do. He's mean and bossy and won't let people do what they want to do."
Tell thinks and says, "How come the people don't just jump off?"
"Jump off what, Tell?"
"The ship!"
"What ship?"
"The dictator ship!"
That might be my favoritest Tell story of all time.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yeah Baby! The Fall Out Boy Concert!

As soon as I get my hearing back and can talk without unnecessary screaming, I'll be happy to share that it was a great concert. I may never get, "This ain't a scene, it's a gosh darn arms race" out of my head every again, but I can live with that. They played all my favorite Fall Out Boy songs, and the crowd surfing was spectacular to watch.

We had a funny experience with our tickets. CarrieAnn and I decided on Friday of last week we wanted to go. So I got online and bought some tickets from . For the record, these people are one step away from a scam and I don't recommend it. I bought us 2 tickets $40/piece in the general admission or floor seats. We began the mental preparations for mosh pit city. And then this morning I got an email from TicketsNow telling me that, oops, they had oversold tickets at that price. But if I wanted to pay $85 each, they still had general admission tickets at that price. Hmm... um, NO. So I stopped by SmithsTix during lunch and picked up 2 tickets at $35 plus handling and got great seats. We could feel the flames, the confetti, the fireworks, the whole ball of wax. It was incredible.

Monday, June 25, 2007

a really bad picture of 2 girls at a fall out boy concert

Meet Mork and Mindy

I added 2 little friends to my household this week. Mork and Mindy are unrelated cats that have come to live with me. Mindy is the mama cat, and a rather bossy and protective one at that. Mork is the kitten and personifies what all kittens are like. He's playful, suspicious and rather fascinated by his tail. And I find I'm rather fascinated watching him fall down the stairs as he attacks his tail.

I promise not to be one of those people who talks about her cats all the time. I can't promise I won't talk to my cats though.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

meet mork

I whined too soon. I apologize.

I hereby apologize for whining how I had no friends and/or life. This week I have been so busy with social things that tonight I am exhausted! This is good! This makes me feel alive!
In addition to Institute and the Due West concert, I also went to dinner on Friday with a large group of Linkup friends and to the drive in with other friends tonight. Sunday will bring a large group potluck and on Monday I'm going with new friend CarrieAnn (who not only spells her name the cool way like me (capital letter in the middle), but saved me and my sandal from the Provo River last week) to the Fall Out Boy concert. I actually sound social and busy! This is a good thing!!
I whined too soon. I take it back now. Sorry.

Friday, June 22, 2007

New Blog- Check it out!!

Check it out!!

Bring your funny church stories here!!

Due West!

As mentioned in yesterday's "Dilemma" blog, I really wanted to go see the band, "Due West" play tonight, but I had no one to go with me. So I put myself "out there" as they say, and publicly asked for a friend. There's nothing quite like saying, "Hey, so there's this band playing an hour away from here. You've never heard of them, they are the opening act for a teenybopper act, and oh yeah, the show is sold out. So I'm just going to go and try my luck. Oh, and I know the band, but I'm not sure if they'll remember me!" In spite of this great invite, I got a taker. New friend Craig (met him on Linkup and at the camping trip last weekend) was kind enough to go with me. Now that we got that out of the way...

Due West rocked tonight! Brad Hull, Tim Gates and Matt Lopez are the boys in the band and they opened for Taylor Swift (more on that later) in the apparently first ever sold out show at the Sandy Ampitheater. It was a lot of fun to see the guys perform on a big stage (and hear them on the radio this morning). I recognized a few of their songs and truly enjoyed myself. Craig agreed with me that they did a great job. They have a CD out as of today apparently. (See my autographed copy?!) And they are working on getting on the radio now. I declared it back in December that these guys would be big, and if the reaction on the radio and at the show tonight is any indication, I was right.

I was a little nervous about trying to "meet the band." I wasn't sure if they would recognize me, but I figured I would look vaguely familiar to them if nothing else. They were selling CD's and signing autographs during intermission, and Craig and I got in line to meet them. Not only did they recognize me but it was also a lot of fun to see the surprised look on their faces as they saw me. I only had a quick chance to say hello and get my CD signed by them because they had FANS lining up to meet them. Great for them! After the show we ran into Brad Hull as we walked out and he gave me a big hug and introduced me to his mother. Such a nice guy! And a very talented performer!

I still say these guys are going to big and very soon. Many of the songs they played tonight definitely have the markings for being big time radio hits. I look forward to seeing it happen for them! (If you do go check out their MySpace pages, be sure to listen to "Raise a Little Hell" on Brad's page, "Country Music" on the Due West page - actually all of them on that page, "Live and Die Tryin'" on Matt's, and "Everything I Love" on Tim's. Those are all my favorites!)

Now, for Taylor Swift. Holy freak. What a stinking little stage snot. She's talented and pretty, especially for a 17 yr old. But ugh!! Her personality!! I couldn't stand her personally. But she did put on a good show. It was pretty funny though. The way the teenage girls and boys rushed the stage, sang along and waved their lit up cell phones in the air, you'd a thought you were at a Backstreet Boys concert. It was crazy!! The police had to actually do crowd control cause the kids ran down from the lawn seats and swarmed the stage! One boy even jumped on stage and got the full body press carry out by the cops. She's good, but come on!

All in all, a great night. I had a blast!!


Thursday, June 21, 2007


As I mentioned a few posts back, there's a few things coming up that I want to do, but don't want to do alone. Much to my surprise a very last minute thing came up today that I want to go do tomorrow. A band that I just adore will be playing in (freaking) Sandy. "Due West" is a great up and coming Nashville band. If you recall the big singles conference I worked on back in December, this is the band we brought up to the conference to play for us. They are opening for Taylor Swift, who I'm not big time crazy for, but she's good enough. But I have no one to go with. And this just isn't the kinda thing that is fun to do alone, ya know? So my dilemma is do I go alone? Or truly and seriously suck up some pride and stick something out on the local infamous singles email list and see if there's anyone who'd want to go with me? It's not like this band has a following. In fact, I'm fairly certain I am one of a very few groupies for this particular band. But I'm happy to recruit new fans for them!
Any suggestions? Ideas? Motivating thoughts?

Pure and Unadulterated Happiness

4 new pairs of summer shoes and a new purse purchased on a whim today. I couldn't be happier.
When I entered the shoe store I was carrying my favorite Kate Spade knock off pink "lunch pail" style purse. But it has a stain on it and it was getting a little too well used. This cute little 4 yr old girl was following me around the store (I swear sometimes I feel like the Pied Piper), trying on shoes behind me. And then she shyly walked up to my purse and pronounced it pretty- while wearing the discarded pink heels I had just tried on. Well, what's a girl to do? I had just decided I needed the polka dot purse to go with the cherry flip flops (obviously). Did I really need the pink purse anymore? Not really. (I have other pink purses, it's not like it's my only one.) So right then and there I dumped the contents of one purse into the other and gave my "pretty" purse to the cute little girl. Her mother (a VERY young looking mother. gotta love these utah child brides) was a little surprised but grateful. The little girl wasted no time hoisting it up and pointing out how it matched the flip flops her mother was about to buy her. A child after my own heart! I will miss my cute little pink purse, but I know it is in good hands.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm a Rambling (wo)Man

I believe I have now been in Utah for 7 weeks. I haven't looked at the calendar to confirm this, but I'm pretty sure I'm right anyway. And for the most part it's all good here. I like my job- the sole purpose in moving here- so that's good. It's a big change going from the oldest company in the world to a new little start-up. But it has been fun and it has been worth it so far.
I like my house and I'm learning to deal with the horses. As much as I love horses, I don't love them outside my bedroom window throwing hissy fits. But the good news is that they are moving in a few weeks. And then they are building a Target behind my house. I'm pretty sure I'm going to miss the horses with that all starts.
It's fun and boring living alone. I enjoy the solitude most of the time, but then I get bored and realize I have nothing to do, no place to go, no one to call and there's only so many times a day I can get online and amuse myself. While I have no desire to ever have a roommate again, it would be nice to at least have a person nearby to talk to.
Which reminds me, last night might be the first time ever in my life I have freaked out over sounds in the house. I have a really good security system on the house, but really, what good is it? A security system tells you when someone has entered the house. It doesn't really stop them from entering. It just tells you that someone did. Anyway, it was late last night, my sleeping pills were kicking in and suddenly I swear I heard someone talking downstairs. I got up and investigated, only to realize it was someone in the backyard talking to the horses. (One of these days I'm going to find a measuring tape and figure out exactly how many feet there are from the bedroom to the first horse stall. You'll see why I'm complaining so much.)
As with all moves, I knew it would take some time to make some friends and get comfortable. I'm lucky that I work with a great group of people, so I do get a lot of social interaction during the day. My frustrations and loneliness tend to come on weekends, or late in the week when I'm overly bored. I have started meeting people, like at the camp out over the weekend. But most of them were single moms or married couples, and while they are great, they aren't hang out buddies, ya know?
Which all leads up to attending church. I've gone to church all but 1 Sunday since I have lived here. And I still don't have a ward (congregation) that I belong to yet. Technically, I'm too old for a singles ward, however, there are a few around here for the over 30 crowd. But they have geographic boundaries- primarily Provo and Orem. There is a singles ward down here in Hickville, but rumor has it it is for the under 30 crowd. I've attended one of the over 30's wards a few times and liked it. I find it completely bizarre to go to church on the BYU campus when I'm not a student. And I find it even more bizarre to go to church in an English classroom. But just like my undergrad days, I'm sure I'll get over it. (except in my undergrad days we met one year in a moot court room in the law school, and in a science pit the next year. i nearly had the entire periodic table of elements memorized that year.) Back to my point. It feels strange not belonging to a ward yet. The ward I like and have attended has given me conflicting info so far. I was told by some people that my records could be in that ward, and then by others that they never let outsider's records in. And so far, getting the attention of the bishop has proven more difficult than usual. But then again, I've been rather shy a lot lately too. If that ward won't "let me in" I'm not sure what I'll do. I've never before realized how simple it would be to just slip between the cracks and no one would ever know or care.
Side thought- I do think it is rude and strange that I can live on a street that is 99% Mormon and not one person has come over to meet me yet. (There is an Indian family (dots not feathers) that lives across the street. I'm guessing they aren't LDS.) They know I am here. They know the Livingstons left, and I leave my car outside of the garage sometimes, just so they'll know I'm in here. Some kid has come twice asking for fast offerings, and twice I pointed out that I'm not the Livingstons and therefore not giving him any money. But other than that, I feel pretty invisible here. I even sat outside and read my mail, kinda hoping to at least see people. I only saw more horses. Go figure.
Sad thought for the day. There are a few things coming up that I want to go do. They would be a lot more fun to do with a friend. For instance, watch the 4th of July fireworks and go see the new Harry Potter movie. I'll go do them alone. But I hope I have friends by then. It is just sad to watch fireworks alone.

Ta Da! Blog post #1,000

I just noticed this is blog post #1,000. Crazy, huh? I think the only person who has read all 1,000 posts would be Jules. After all, she was the only one who knew about it for the first couple dozen or so. Jules, you rock.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cool Cousin Michelle

On Saturday I had an absolutely hilarious conversation with my cousin Michelle. It was so funny, in fact, that I warned her, "This is so going on the blog!" She thought that sounded funny and agreed to allow me to publicly mock her. Sadly, here it is on Monday and I can't recall for the life of me what we were laughing so hard about.
But let it be known, Michelle is a riot, whatever it is she said.

Cool Cousin Michelle

On Saturday I had an absolutely hilarious conversation with my cousin Michelle. It was so funny, in fact, that I warned her, "This is so going on the blog!" She thought that sounded funny and agreed to allow me to publicly mock her. Sadly, here it is on Monday and I can't recall for the life of me what we were laughing so hard about.
But let it be known, Michelle is a riot.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Exactly How Dirty a Little Girl Can Get

One of my new little camping friends showing us exactly how dirty she can get. This was the same little girl who slept in a pink and purple palace tent.

A Tale of 2 Shoes or the Day I Didn't Die

I'm not even sure where to begin with this little tale. I'm not even sure what to title it! Should we call it the Great Linkup Camping Trip? Pirates on the Provo River? A Tale of 2 Shoes? The Day My Life Flashed Before My Eyes? How CarrieAnn Caught a Shoe With Her Own Bare Teeth? Or the Story of My Sunburn?

All of these would very accurately describe my weekend. The condensed version of the weekend goes like this. I went camping with a group of friends I had never met before (in person) from the website that I frequent called LDS If you have been reading along on this blog you know I've been feeling a lot of anxiety lately, particularly when it comes to meeting new people. This trip had me a little nervous, but I sucked it up and went. Basically it was about 20 adults and I'm guessing 60 kids (Mostly divorced single moms and their kids.) at a campground not far from my house. Friday night was meet and greet and hang out and talk and have a blast. Saturday morning 2 of the new friends and I went tubing down the Provo River where I nearly met my Maker. No lie. Craziest and scariest moment of my entire life up there. Insane! Saturday afternoon- hang out and enjoy the company of new friends.

Now, for the not so condensed version.
Friday night was (for me) a bit intimidating meeting so many new people at once. I have been "talking" to most of them online for nearly a year. And some I know from online better than others. But I had never met any of them in person before, so I was just a little nervous. But everyone proved to be fascinating and interesting in their own ways. I was very surprised who I found I liked more in person as compared to our debates and discussions online. But it really was a good time. I brought brownie mix and made brownies in my newly purchased dutch oven. (I love buying camping gear!) It took about an hour longer to bake than I had expected, but they turned out alright. The kids gobbled them right up. I made several little friends amongst the kiddos as a result.

Saturday morning was my tubing trip down the Provo River. This was something I wanted to do and had extended the invitation to anyone who wanted to come. So Dena (screenname Warm Vanilla Sugar) and CarrieAnn (screenname Dead Sexxy Nerdspouse) (and Dena's son, Dylan) joined with me. Crazy crazy! First off, back home in the nice warm and humid comforts of Virginia I have gone tubing a dozen times. The Shenandoah, the Potomac, the James Rivers and others. It's always been a nearly relaxing trip, low currents, low river, no big deal. Just float on down the river, right? Ha. NOT HERE.

The Provo River is first of all, considerably faster than any of the previous rivers I have tubed down. In fact, it's about as fast as the New and Gauley Rivers that I have white water rafted down. I'm not saying it had comparable rapids, but the speed of the water was pretty fast. And then there is the freaking freezing cold temperature of the water. Ay yi yi. Can you say snow melt? Ice water? My body went numb when I got stuck underwater in the current? Yeah, it was that kinda cold.

My first warning was when it took a spotter to help us get into our tubes at the launch point. Our tubes were attempting to make an escape that early on.

Oh, and I'd like to point out now that the tubing company had suggested we where our sandals. So I was wearing my beloved brown sandally flip flops. May they rest in peace.

So Dena, CA and I are floating down river, having a lovely time, in spite of the fact that our butts and toes have gone completely numb. We linked together, holding on to each other's tubes so we could talk. We passed a cute family in their own personal raft with 2 cute little boys inside, and a pirate flag on the back. We waved, they waved, we kept running into the banks of the river and getting scratched by the branches. Oh and I saw 2 beavers. One even came up and swam beside me for a second. So cute! (Maybe I want a beaver?)

We had been told as we approached a train trestle that we needed to go under it feet first. As we got closer to it the river really picked up speed and we hit a rapid. Suddenly Dena's tube got stuck on a branch. Because we were all holding on to each other's tubes, this yanked CA and I around. I was on the end and got whipped around the hardest, causing me to hit the rapid first. Suddenly, the force of the river pulled my tube out from under me, leaving me hanging on to CA's tube. For about a second I had the choice to keep holding on to be tube or let it go. My entire body was under the water, except for one arm holding to CA's tube and the other holding to mine, pulling me downstream. I realized that if I held to my tube I was going to lose it very quickly, and probably get pulled under the water, going through a rapid, and in a very bad location. Oh, and I can't swim. Did I mention that yet? This was the moment where I realized that I could very easily die in a very scary way very quickly.

I chose to let go of my tube in that split second. My tube went zooming down river (with my sandals inside of it). I was left with my legs completely numb underwater, and one arm out of the water, clinging by 3 fingers to CA's tube. CA and Dena haven't even realized what's happened to me yet as they attempt to extract Dena from the tree. They got her out of the tree, Dena zooms off and CA realizes I'm about to drown. I kid you not, my body was rapidly going numb and my face is bobbing under the water. The current was so strong I couldn't even pull my arm up out of the water to grab the tube. And there was no hope for me to attempt to stand up. I have never been so intensely scared for my life before.

CA reached in and grabbed me, helping to pull me out of the water. And that was when I realized my bathing suit bottom had been pulled down and nearly off of me. Part of the reason I couldn't kick my legs wasn't just because I was losing all feeling in them, but because my suit was tangled around my knees. So CarrieAnn is pulling me out of the water and onto a rock, and I started laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. And somewhere in there my face went straight into CA's hand, (not that she could feel it, her hand was numb) and my tooth went into my lip. So I've got a great swollen lip. Totally crazy.

Let it be known I did manage to get out of the water and into CA's tube without completely baring all.

So now we've lost Dena and it's just me and CA attempting to balance in her tube. This requires that we both have one leg in and one leg out of the tube. We float along several minutes in this totally crazy style when we see the pirates up ahead. And hallelujah, they have my tube. We start yelling, they are yelling and we are floating to the wrong side of the river. Any body part that is in the water is numb, so we can't kick or swim our way over to them. So they throw us a life line (rope bag), and CA reaches for it. I'm not sure why, but I think it was a natural body reaction to freezing that I started to laugh uncontrollably. Pirates on the Provo River have my tube, I've lost my shoes, my body is numb and now this girl I hardly know is about to fall face first into the river to grab a rope so she can save my tube. And I'm laughing hysterically. I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe and my entire body is shaking. And I'm just laughing.

CA leans and leans and stretches and -splash!- falls right into the river, missing the rope. She's leaning back for me and the tube, I'm dodging yet another briar patch and then I look down and just happen to see one of my sandals floating right past me. I'm yelling, "My shoe! Save my shoe!" CA, who is still in the process of attempting to grab a tube- any tube- or the rope, or just to get herself out of the water before she loses all feeling, sees my shoe and GRABS IT IN HER TEETH!

If you think I wasn't laughing uncontrollably before, I was now! CA is able to grab both my tube and her tube and pull both of us to the side, where she's able to get in a tube and out of the freezing water and hand me back my shoe. I'm still laughing so hard I can't breathe. CA catches her breath, looks at me and says, "You are so on my friends list now!" (which would be an inside joke for all people on LDS linkup)

We managed to finish out the rest of the rafting trip without any fatalities or near-death experiences. We did get the chance to sing the "Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate's life for me" song with the pirates as we passed them again later on.

Although, I think Dena felt near to death when we had to exit the river at the end, and we had to walk in waist deep water for 2 minutes.

Now, if you recall, I only had one sandal at this point, thanks to CA's teeth. But thankfully the tubing company saves shoes they see floating down the river. And thanks to CA and Dena investigating behind the tubing company's trailer, they were able to find me a shoe. Please see the picture above. It is a man's shoe and about 5 sizes too big for me, but it is a left shoe. And really, that is all that matters.

Friday, June 15, 2007

see ya later alligator

Reasons I am happy tonight-

1. My mail finally got here! I'm guessing it was 35 credit card offers and 15 bills and 1 very big surprise! (more on the surprise later)

2. I have decided to get a kitten and a puppy. And maybe a hedge hog.

3. I'm going camping tomorrow!

4. I got new netflix today. The guardian and the queen shall keep me company tonight.

5. I had a new baby cousin born yesterday- Lydia Taylor Rosenberg.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

things don't change much around here

Please see steps 1, 2 and 11 to know how I feel right now, and add in a dying urgent need for a Wendy's cream float. Or possibly a Lime Rickey from Sonic. Dang it. I might have to get both.

And as for my problems with the postal service--
I managed to get the Falls Church (old address) branch on the phone. They can see my forwarding order, but have no record of my mail being held for a month. They have no mail for me there at their location, and see nothing in the bin going to central forwarding for me. I asked what the next step would be and they said they'd talk to my actual mail carrier when he got back from his route and ask what he knows. They haven't called me back, go figure. I also keep attempting to visit my new local post office, but this isn't the world's biggest town and they don't keep the world's most convenient hours. But someday, somehow I am getting my freaking mail!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Top 11 Signs I am PMS-ing

(don't worry, it's not gross and it's not about cramps)

1. absolutely craving raw vegetables for dinner
2. having consumed the raw vegetables realize that the world will explode if you don't have chocolate NOW
3. go all the way to the store to buy truffles- the good kind
4. while at store see cherry pie filling and decide you must have cherry cobbler
5. go home, make and eat the cherry cobbler, see brownie mix on counter
6. actually consider making brownies while eating the cobbler
7. while rummaging for eggs for brownie mix in the fridge see a steak
8. and yes, actually wonder if it is okay to broil a steak and bake brownies at the same time
9. the which should come first - brownies or steak- dilemma is solved when you spot the tub of whipped cream
10. eat entire tub of whipped cream, and the cobbler
11. get upstairs to the safety of the office, and realize that life will not be complete until you have gone to carl's jr and had a steakburger

And there you have the last hour of my life.

join me on netflix!

Be my friend on Netflix!

For my old Netflix friends, this is a new netflix account!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Erin vs the USPS

Back at the end of April when we discovered I'd be moving west, I had the post office hold my mail. Not knowing for sure where I'd be living when I got to Utah, and not wanting to re-route my mail multiple times, I thought putting it on hold made the most sense.
Using the so-called friendly website I was able to do it myself, and they even sent me a confirmation email with a code and the details of the hold.
The hold supposedly ended May 25. On May 26, I mailed in one of those change of address cards with my new address on it. I went back to the post office site to make sure the hold on my mail would be released. The code didn't work. They have no record of my mail being held.
So I called my old roommates and asked. They had only received a few pieces of junk mail for me over the last month. Obviously, the hold was working. I gave them my new address and they said they'd forward on what they had received.
It has now been over ten business days since the hold was lifted and the change of address card submitted. You'd think I'd be getting my mail by now. But no. No mail for Erin. I've attempted twice now to go into the local post office and see if they can help me. But no. First, they were closed. Second, they can't help me with something I did online.
And do you think the post office has some friendly phone system? Not that I can find!
At this rate, I'm never going to see my mail again!!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

so pretty much i suck

Let it be known that I tried. I drove the nearly 40 miles to the activity tonight. I even stayed for nearly 2 hours. But the large group comprised of several cliques and a serious lack of well run things to do lead me to giving up and leaving when I felt the first symptoms of another panic attack coming on. (from the looks of things the activity will probably go another 2-3 hours after i left)
I went for a long drive and asked myself why I'm having so much anxiety over meeting people. I realized a few important things tonight. First, my anxiety isn't over meeting people. I've been meeting people and enjoying it since I have been here. I've been to several social functions and didn't even consider getting nervous over it. My problem is with large groups. Second, this is the first large group function I have attended since December (not counting the new years event i was in charge of). I stopped going to social functions after the major drama and backstabbing and overall loss of friends and faith in people back in December. Seven months of avoiding large social gatherings does make it a little uncomfortable to jump back into now. I did attend my uncle's funeral, which by and large, was a pretty big social gathering of sorts. But that was different. I knew nearly every person there, so it doesn't really count. But right now I have to remind myself of every instance and how I fared.
Basically, I hate large groups. I hate them for several reasons. Probably the first being that every major awful embarrassment, or betrayal, or loss of love or friendship happened in a large setting. I hate the anonymity of big groups and the feeling that you could just disappear and no one would ever know.
I have done this before you know. I've moved away and lived on my own with no safety net or network before. After I graduated from college I moved to Houston where I didn't know a soul. I only had the promise that my dad would make business trips down there once over 2-3 months. But upon arriving in Houston, literally just minutes after driving into town, I met and fell in love with the guy that would be my boyfriend the entire time I lived there. That made adjusting to town a little easier. When I moved to Florida I had Juli, who introduced me to Kevin. I had instant friends from the minute I got there. I lived with Jules (married and pregnant though she may be), and Kev took me to every social thing he could think of. Finding a life there took no time at all. And then I moved to Santa Monica where my roommate was an instant best friend to me. Again, it was easy.
I think this move is a little harder than the others because there isn't an instant best friend already. I love what I have here, and I don't regret anything. I'm just missing that little detail that makes moving to a strange place so much easier.
I'm not going to give up. But I am going to give myself a break for a little bit. We'll see what happens. I do have big plans for next weekend, and I do want to be able to feel like I can go through with them and enjoy myself without another anxiety attack. We'll see.
Wish me luck.

but Ocean's 13 rocked

I had my first real bout of homesickness this morning. Or was it a bout of stupidity? I can never quite tell the difference. I had volunteered to go help at a huge service project this morning. But when I got there I just couldn't do it. The thought of being solo in a huge large group of people (most of whom had matching shirts on) just got to me. I got up early, drove there, and got halfway across the parking lot before the panic attack hit me. It was somewhere between a fear of being lost solo in a large crowd and not knowing anyone and just the pain of missing home (where "not knowing anyone" rarely happens).
I don't know where the panic attack came from. It's very unlike me. I usually like being alone and doing things by myself. I find my greatest adventures happen when I'm alone. But today it just didn't happen for me.
I have the chance to redeem myself tonight. There's a big party I could go to- if I can convince myself to do it. Part of me really wants to get out and make some friends. But the other part of me is just dreading walking into a large party where I know no one. (church activity thing)
How do you find the courage to do it -- either it?? I'm afraid if I go I'll hate it. And I'm afraid if I stay home I'll hate myself. Where's the happy place on this one?
I think I made a huge mistake when I did get back home this morning. My netflix had arrived in the mail and I watched "Catch and Release" with Jennifer Garner. First, let me say it is a great movie and I liked it- when I wasn't busy hating myself and the movie for making me bawl for hours. I can't remember the last time a movie had me crying from beginning to end.
All in all, this hasn't been a great day.
A little help, please??

Friday, June 08, 2007

tell me it's not just me!

There's got to be something wrong with me. I cried like a baby through the entire episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip tonight. And for once, I really identified with the Matt character. As usual, I loved Harriett, but didn't love her kneeling down and praying in the middle of a group. Although, that was what made me start crying the first time.
Am I the only one who cried all night??
(that being said, I was actually totally annoyed that Aaron Sorkin, whom I normally love, pulling out every stupid emotional device he could play tonight)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

occasional odd sightings from the office window

The occasionally odd sighting from the office window today--

1. A gray van pulls into our office building parking lot, sliding door opens, a young lad around 3 or 4 hops out and turns to face the side of the van. And drops his pants. And pees. Apparently the large gas station 1 block away, the community pool 2 blocks away and the really big mall just 3 blocks away, and the big office building with all its bathrooms were just too far for the little guy to make it.

2. Snow. Yes, it snowed here today. In freaking JUNE!

that's a lotta posts for one night

One more post before I go to bed (or read Harry Potter 6, whichever comes first).

As you can see, I updated the blog template again. I may change it though. It's not feeling perfectly me yet.

Also, I added about 15 more blogs to my links list. Some of these people know I read them, some don't. If you don't want to be on there, let me know and I'll pull you off. There's still about 10 more blogs I read that I think prefer to stay private, so I'm not posting them.

Dairy Queen helped my mood, but the stupid router is still giving me grief.

And last but not least, my whole day was made when my nephews called to get a bedtime story. I sure do miss those stinkers. Our bedtime story routine is getting rather crazy. Sometime later this week I will make a point to blog the evolution of the Pete and Alouicious fairy tales, and you can read it to yourself for a bedtime story!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

stranger than truth

We have some strange weather thing going on here in Utah Happy Valley. The world is getting darker by the minute, and not just cause the sun's going down. Tomorrow the temps are going to drop over 30 degrees and rumor has it, it may even rain! (it hasn't rained since i got here over a month ago)
To give you an idea how strange it looks for the air to be filling with dirt and dust, here are 2 pictures taken about 27 hours apart from the same place in my kitchen. (the room below my bedroom- originally the sunnier picture was going to be to exhibit the proximity of the horses to my house)
Yesterday around 7 pm it was still sunny and nice out. Today its just dark and dreary (but not humid, which is a very odd feeling for this DC girl) and DUSTY! My car is covered in a thin layer of dust and dirt.
It's just strange.

24 hours later

exhibit a

oh grr...

Why must it be so dang complicated to get my router to accept my new ISP? Or is it getting my ISP to accept my router? I don't know!

On Saturday my wireless worked just fine, but knocked me offline a few times. On Sunday it worked just fine as well. But by Sunday night it suddenly stopped working. Monday came and the wireless didn't pick up at all, in spite of the fact that the router claims it is giving and receiving a full signal. And my computer claims it is receiving a full signal. I'm just somehow not getting online.

So I called the ISP. A few minutes with them online and they reset some antenna and say good luck. Nothing happens. They tell me to call Netgear. Two hours online with Netgear later and we've reset every stupid setting possible I think! And yet, we hang up with the instructions for me to call the ISP and have them disconnect the DCHP from the modem. But of course the ISP is closed.

So tonight I called the ISP and gave them the verbatim instructions from Netgear. They have no idea what I'm talking about. But they give me all the settings so I can call Netgear and set the router statically.

So I call Netgear- again. The guy yesterday had a thick Indian accent, and really, I'm not biased about the flattened world. But today's guy had an accent so thick that I had to ask him to repeat nearly everything he said. I gave him my case number, which was apparently an exercise in futility. We still repeat all of yesterday's steps for a full hour. Keep in mind, I did explain to him what happened yesterday, what the ISP had said, and told him I had the new IP addresses for him. After one hour of this he declares that the problem is with the ISP and that I have to call them back and have the "enable the bridge mode" on the modem. I pointed out that I don't have a modem. He said something snotty that I didn't quite follow. I reminded him that we haven't attempted to use the information I called with to set the router statically. He hung up on me.

I have called the ISP. I've been on hold for 30 mins and they closed 2 minutes ago. I'm guessing I'm not getting through tonight.

Obviously, I have internet access. But only if I sit over here on the floor in the corner and hardwire my laptop in. But I have a wireless card, router and oh yeah, a freaking laptop! Laptops were meant to NOT have to be wired in!!

I am so annoyed.

I'm going to Dairy Queen until I feel better. Don't wait up.

oh grr...

Why must it be so dang complicated to get my router to accept my new ISP? Or is it getting my ISP to accept my router? I don't know!

On Saturday my wireless worked just fine, but knocked me offline a few times. On Sunday it worked just fine as well. But by Sunday night it suddenly stopped working. Monday came and the wireless didn't pick up at all, in spite of the fact that the router claims it is giving and receiving a full signal. And my computer claims it is receiving a full signal. I'm just somehow not getting online.

So I called the ISP. A few minutes with them online and they reset some antenna and say good luck. Nothing happens. They tell me to call Netgear. Two hours online with Netgear later and we've reset every stupid setting possible I think! And yet, we hang up with the instructions for me to call the ISP and have them disconnect the DCHP from the modem. But of course the ISP is closed.

So tonight I called the ISP and gave them the verbatim instructions from Netgear. They have no idea what I'm talking about. But they give me all the settings so I can call Netgear

I feel skinny

Sunday, June 03, 2007

DC this is not!

I finally have real internet access and a working laptop. Many of you probably already figured that out by the fact that I caught up on about 30 emails today. Again, I apologize to the people that I haven't had a chance to write in the last month. (who are probably all non-blog readers, but hey, i'm trying!)

The weekend has gone well. I tried out a new singles ward, made some new friends, even got invited out to dinner with some new friends, went for a joyride looking at the countryside, enjoyed the beautiful offerings of 99 cent rootbeer floats at Sonic, and witnessed the mating ritual of horses more times than I care to relate. It was a good weekend. Oh, and I think I'm finally caught up on the past month's lack of sleep.

The horse thing... I have to explain it. My house backs right up to a horse farm and across the street there is an alpaca farm. My bedroom window is about maybe 50 feet from the pen where the horse farm is keeping their stud. And apparently it's breeding time at this particular farm. (I have purposefully NOT taken a picture of the mating activities, but I will post a picture showing the view from my bed.) So whether or not I want to be privy to equine mating rituals, I am. Did I mention the stud gets a little upset and bangs loudly around his pen when there's no girl for him? And he'll complain all night long?

Yeah, DC this is not. But, as soon as I get a bike I'll be able to ride over to Sonic anytime I want and enjoy the 99 cent rootbeer floats! (and if i ride my bike i can totally justify the calories!)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

moving in!

things that are put away-
most of my clothes
most of my dishes

things that are not put away-
my shoes (only 40 pairs)
my books

things i have managed to accomplish-
getting internet on my laptop again (oh happy day)
forwarding my mail
paying my bills
watching the fifth season of Frasier for no apparent reason
re-reading all of Harry Potter #5

things i have not managed to accomplish-
making bread successfully in the breadmaker (but did buy butter, jam and peanut butter for when i do)

Friday, June 01, 2007

oh happy day

My real life has finally begun! I moved into my new place last night and I slept in a real bed for the first time in 4 weeks last night. No more air beds or sofa beds for me! Not only did I sleep in a real bed, I slept solid for nearly 12 hours. Can you say exhausted??
I'm just happy to finally be in my own place, in my own bed, and on my own! My real new life can finally begin! No more vagabond life, no more worrying about decapitation every time I hit the brakes (my car has been full of all my earthly possessions for 4 weeks), no more roommates, no more long commutes! I am soooo happy!!
So who's going to be my first house guest?

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