Sunday, June 03, 2007

DC this is not!

I finally have real internet access and a working laptop. Many of you probably already figured that out by the fact that I caught up on about 30 emails today. Again, I apologize to the people that I haven't had a chance to write in the last month. (who are probably all non-blog readers, but hey, i'm trying!)

The weekend has gone well. I tried out a new singles ward, made some new friends, even got invited out to dinner with some new friends, went for a joyride looking at the countryside, enjoyed the beautiful offerings of 99 cent rootbeer floats at Sonic, and witnessed the mating ritual of horses more times than I care to relate. It was a good weekend. Oh, and I think I'm finally caught up on the past month's lack of sleep.

The horse thing... I have to explain it. My house backs right up to a horse farm and across the street there is an alpaca farm. My bedroom window is about maybe 50 feet from the pen where the horse farm is keeping their stud. And apparently it's breeding time at this particular farm. (I have purposefully NOT taken a picture of the mating activities, but I will post a picture showing the view from my bed.) So whether or not I want to be privy to equine mating rituals, I am. Did I mention the stud gets a little upset and bangs loudly around his pen when there's no girl for him? And he'll complain all night long?

Yeah, DC this is not. But, as soon as I get a bike I'll be able to ride over to Sonic anytime I want and enjoy the 99 cent rootbeer floats! (and if i ride my bike i can totally justify the calories!)

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