Thursday, June 21, 2007


As I mentioned a few posts back, there's a few things coming up that I want to do, but don't want to do alone. Much to my surprise a very last minute thing came up today that I want to go do tomorrow. A band that I just adore will be playing in (freaking) Sandy. "Due West" is a great up and coming Nashville band. If you recall the big singles conference I worked on back in December, this is the band we brought up to the conference to play for us. They are opening for Taylor Swift, who I'm not big time crazy for, but she's good enough. But I have no one to go with. And this just isn't the kinda thing that is fun to do alone, ya know? So my dilemma is do I go alone? Or truly and seriously suck up some pride and stick something out on the local infamous singles email list and see if there's anyone who'd want to go with me? It's not like this band has a following. In fact, I'm fairly certain I am one of a very few groupies for this particular band. But I'm happy to recruit new fans for them!
Any suggestions? Ideas? Motivating thoughts?


  1. I think going to little concerts alone can actually be kind of fun. You don't worry that other people with you won't like it, you aren't stuck to their schedule, etc.

    On the other hand, concerts can be more fun when you have someone with you, especially since you can talk about it afterward.
    I'd say hit up linkup, but if no one is jumping on it just go alone.

  2. Take a boy.


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