Monday, June 11, 2007

Erin vs the USPS

Back at the end of April when we discovered I'd be moving west, I had the post office hold my mail. Not knowing for sure where I'd be living when I got to Utah, and not wanting to re-route my mail multiple times, I thought putting it on hold made the most sense.
Using the so-called friendly website I was able to do it myself, and they even sent me a confirmation email with a code and the details of the hold.
The hold supposedly ended May 25. On May 26, I mailed in one of those change of address cards with my new address on it. I went back to the post office site to make sure the hold on my mail would be released. The code didn't work. They have no record of my mail being held.
So I called my old roommates and asked. They had only received a few pieces of junk mail for me over the last month. Obviously, the hold was working. I gave them my new address and they said they'd forward on what they had received.
It has now been over ten business days since the hold was lifted and the change of address card submitted. You'd think I'd be getting my mail by now. But no. No mail for Erin. I've attempted twice now to go into the local post office and see if they can help me. But no. First, they were closed. Second, they can't help me with something I did online.
And do you think the post office has some friendly phone system? Not that I can find!
At this rate, I'm never going to see my mail again!!!

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