Tuesday, June 05, 2007

oh grr...

Why must it be so dang complicated to get my router to accept my new ISP? Or is it getting my ISP to accept my router? I don't know!

On Saturday my wireless worked just fine, but knocked me offline a few times. On Sunday it worked just fine as well. But by Sunday night it suddenly stopped working. Monday came and the wireless didn't pick up at all, in spite of the fact that the router claims it is giving and receiving a full signal. And my computer claims it is receiving a full signal. I'm just somehow not getting online.

So I called the ISP. A few minutes with them online and they reset some antenna and say good luck. Nothing happens. They tell me to call Netgear. Two hours online with Netgear later and we've reset every stupid setting possible I think! And yet, we hang up with the instructions for me to call the ISP and have them disconnect the DCHP from the modem. But of course the ISP is closed.

So tonight I called the ISP and gave them the verbatim instructions from Netgear. They have no idea what I'm talking about. But they give me all the settings so I can call Netgear and set the router statically.

So I call Netgear- again. The guy yesterday had a thick Indian accent, and really, I'm not biased about the flattened world. But today's guy had an accent so thick that I had to ask him to repeat nearly everything he said. I gave him my case number, which was apparently an exercise in futility. We still repeat all of yesterday's steps for a full hour. Keep in mind, I did explain to him what happened yesterday, what the ISP had said, and told him I had the new IP addresses for him. After one hour of this he declares that the problem is with the ISP and that I have to call them back and have the "enable the bridge mode" on the modem. I pointed out that I don't have a modem. He said something snotty that I didn't quite follow. I reminded him that we haven't attempted to use the information I called with to set the router statically. He hung up on me.

I have called the ISP. I've been on hold for 30 mins and they closed 2 minutes ago. I'm guessing I'm not getting through tonight.

Obviously, I have internet access. But only if I sit over here on the floor in the corner and hardwire my laptop in. But I have a wireless card, router and oh yeah, a freaking laptop! Laptops were meant to NOT have to be wired in!!

I am so annoyed.

I'm going to Dairy Queen until I feel better. Don't wait up.

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