Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pure and Unadulterated Happiness

4 new pairs of summer shoes and a new purse purchased on a whim today. I couldn't be happier.
When I entered the shoe store I was carrying my favorite Kate Spade knock off pink "lunch pail" style purse. But it has a stain on it and it was getting a little too well used. This cute little 4 yr old girl was following me around the store (I swear sometimes I feel like the Pied Piper), trying on shoes behind me. And then she shyly walked up to my purse and pronounced it pretty- while wearing the discarded pink heels I had just tried on. Well, what's a girl to do? I had just decided I needed the polka dot purse to go with the cherry flip flops (obviously). Did I really need the pink purse anymore? Not really. (I have other pink purses, it's not like it's my only one.) So right then and there I dumped the contents of one purse into the other and gave my "pretty" purse to the cute little girl. Her mother (a VERY young looking mother. gotta love these utah child brides) was a little surprised but grateful. The little girl wasted no time hoisting it up and pointing out how it matched the flip flops her mother was about to buy her. A child after my own heart! I will miss my cute little pink purse, but I know it is in good hands.
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  1. Aw. That's sweet!


  2. That is very kind. She'll remember you forever. And I bought the same pair of champion flip flops!!!!

  3. jules, our shoe ESP in no way surprises me!

  4. wow, such a sweet the way, i love the polka dot bag..


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