Tuesday, June 05, 2007

stranger than truth

We have some strange weather thing going on here in Utah Happy Valley. The world is getting darker by the minute, and not just cause the sun's going down. Tomorrow the temps are going to drop over 30 degrees and rumor has it, it may even rain! (it hasn't rained since i got here over a month ago)
To give you an idea how strange it looks for the air to be filling with dirt and dust, here are 2 pictures taken about 27 hours apart from the same place in my kitchen. (the room below my bedroom- originally the sunnier picture was going to be to exhibit the proximity of the horses to my house)
Yesterday around 7 pm it was still sunny and nice out. Today its just dark and dreary (but not humid, which is a very odd feeling for this DC girl) and DUSTY! My car is covered in a thin layer of dust and dirt.
It's just strange.

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