Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Top 11 Signs I am PMS-ing

(don't worry, it's not gross and it's not about cramps)

1. absolutely craving raw vegetables for dinner
2. having consumed the raw vegetables realize that the world will explode if you don't have chocolate NOW
3. go all the way to the store to buy truffles- the good kind
4. while at store see cherry pie filling and decide you must have cherry cobbler
5. go home, make and eat the cherry cobbler, see brownie mix on counter
6. actually consider making brownies while eating the cobbler
7. while rummaging for eggs for brownie mix in the fridge see a steak
8. and yes, actually wonder if it is okay to broil a steak and bake brownies at the same time
9. the which should come first - brownies or steak- dilemma is solved when you spot the tub of whipped cream
10. eat entire tub of whipped cream, and the cobbler
11. get upstairs to the safety of the office, and realize that life will not be complete until you have gone to carl's jr and had a steakburger

And there you have the last hour of my life.


  1. That is an awesome freaking hour.

  2. wow. And all I crave is Cheetos and mint choc chip ice cream. How boring am I?

  3. Anonymous3:43 PM

    That should be labeled instead, "The Top 11 Signs That I Just Gained 20 pounds."

  4. dang it shabang! now i want mint chip ice cream!

    (the power of suggestion is strong with me!)


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