Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yeah Baby! The Fall Out Boy Concert!

As soon as I get my hearing back and can talk without unnecessary screaming, I'll be happy to share that it was a great concert. I may never get, "This ain't a scene, it's a gosh darn arms race" out of my head every again, but I can live with that. They played all my favorite Fall Out Boy songs, and the crowd surfing was spectacular to watch.

We had a funny experience with our tickets. CarrieAnn and I decided on Friday of last week we wanted to go. So I got online and bought some tickets from TicketsNow.com . For the record, these people are one step away from a scam and I don't recommend it. I bought us 2 tickets $40/piece in the general admission or floor seats. We began the mental preparations for mosh pit city. And then this morning I got an email from TicketsNow telling me that, oops, they had oversold tickets at that price. But if I wanted to pay $85 each, they still had general admission tickets at that price. Hmm... um, NO. So I stopped by SmithsTix during lunch and picked up 2 tickets at $35 plus handling and got great seats. We could feel the flames, the confetti, the fireworks, the whole ball of wax. It was incredible.

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  1. Jackie9:46 AM

    Hey Erin...its been a while (Beretta)...since we last talked. Just wanted to say Hello! Sounds like your concert was exciting....and always there is an interesting story to go with it.



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