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Random Brain Dump

1. There will most likely be a Hurricane Erin this year. I hope she's significant and newsworthy- so I can cut my name out of the newspaper and make collages out of it.

2. Eating a hamburger, french fries and chocolate decadent cake after 4 weeks of dieting can cause a serious hangover and withdrawals the next morning.

3. Billy Bob Thornton should not have been allowed to make a CD.

4. Only one Battlestar Galactica DVD left before I have to watch webisodes and wait for Season 3 to come out. I feel withdrawal coming in advance.

one of the perks of being single and free

One of the best parts about being single and free is that you can just be spontaneous and not worry. So on Friday when my friend Alicia suggested we drive to the Uinta County Fair (not to be confused with Uintah County- one is in Wyoming, the other is in Utah) to see Montgomery Gentry play, I said yes. So on Saturday we just took off for Evanston, WY (which was a surprise to both of us, who assumed we were headed to Vernal- Uintah) for some good old fashioned country girl fun.

The concert was great. Montgomery Gentry put on a dang good show. And the opening act, Bomshell, may not know how to spell very well, but I think we'll be hearing a lot more from them in the future. That would be my third concert this summer and I'm hoping there will be 2 more within the next few weeks!

Now, I've had very little exposure to Wyoming. I've had an online friend from WY and a college roommate from WY. And while neither of them fit the stereotype I have in my head of WY, this con…

Simpsons Movie Midnight Showing

Spider pig, spider pig
does whatever a spider pig does
Does he swing from a web?
No he doesn't, he's a pig.

Truly hysterical. Loved the whole movie.

True Meaning of Islam- And Mormonism

From the Washington Post feature, "On Faith."

I found this first person piece completely fascinating. Not because it was a woman speaking about Islam, but because I completely relate to what she has said. She has described perfectly how I feel about being LDS/Mormon.

The True Meaning of IslamLet me start with the traditional greeting of Islam: peace be upon you.I welcome the opportunity to engage in this conversation, and I am glad to think global readers are interested in Islam, a religion shared and cherished by millions of men and women around the world. I hope that this exercise challenges perceptions that Muslims are somehow different…strange…a breed apart. The other.All faith, after all, is based on an intensely personal, private relationship with God. And I believe that if we are to build true understanding among and within our societies, we must approach each other as fellow human beings, not representatives of one religion or another. Perhaps that is why I have never…

Yin and Yang

Yin: I found my cat Mindy at the shelter!!
Yang: It cost me $150 to get her back.
Yanger: I still haven't found my little kitten Mork.

Yin: Salt Lake has a baseball team- SL Bees.
Yang: I'm short on friends who love baseball.

Yin: My nephew Porter asked for me today.
Yang: He's too far away for me to see him!

Yin: I've lost another pound. The My Alli pills are working.
Yang: Sticking to the My Alli program requires a LOT of dedication.

Yin: Netflix just opened a Provo location, making it that much faster for my DVDs to get returned (1 day now compared to the 4 days before).
Yang: I'm turning into a couch potato.

Yin: I've got the writing bug back.
Yang: I really hate sitting at a desk to do my writing. I have a laptop, but the wireless is broken. I can't be at a computer and not have internet.

More Fun

For the last hour I have been sitting in my home office wondering if someone is attempting to break into my house and doing a really lousy job of it, or if there is a hurricane on one side of my house but not the other. But, about 5 minutes ago I figured out what was really happening. People are setting off strange little firecrackers in the street in honor of Pioneer Day. Pioneer Day is a holiday in Utah. I find it strange and bizarre, but whatever.

So now that the Harry Potter hoopla is dying down, I can admit the other obsession I've had for the last few weeks. Battlestar Galactica. BSG for short. I've been getting the different episodes and seasons on DVD from Netflix, and basically, I'm addicted. I love it. Starbuck is my hero and I have a huge crush on Apollo. I highly recommend watching the show from the beginning. It's good stuff.

In other media and pop culture addictions, I am looking forward to the midnight Simpsons movie showing this week with friend…

No Harry Potter Spoilers Here

I'm starting to think I'm never going to get my chance to finish reading Harry Potter!

Friday night was Girl's Night with Kristy, Melissa, Heather and Ali. We started off by seeing Hairspray (SO GOOD!) and then went to dinner. The restaurant was a funny scene as various groups kept coming in all dressed in HP costumes. I told the girls I didn't care what we did as long as I got to the bookstore at midnight to get my book. (Inexplicably none of the other girls are HP fans.)

Then at 10:40 pm UT time, Julipalooza texts me to say she's in the bookstore in New York. I tried hard not to hate her.

And then I rushed over to Waldenbooks in Provo to get my copy. (See the picture below.) I asked people which line I should be in and joined the logical line- for people who had reserved advance copies. I stood in line several minutes when I wizard walked by asking if everyone had bracelets. I did not. Most of the people around me did not. He sent us up to the little tab…

the line to get THE book!


Changed My Mind- I Ain't Got Nothing to Hide

I just remembered something. I ain't got nothing to hide. And I don't say anything I don't want people to know on my blog anyway. So there will be no password. I changed my mind. I can do that.

Not that I'll be blogging for a few days anyway. It's Harry Potter day. I have better things to do than blog!!

Clearing the Air

In the past several days I have found myself in more than one awkward situation having to explain my "non-actions." Or explaining to someone that they were not the object of a blog post or a comment I made. Or that I wasn't ignoring them. And finally, I have come to the conclusion that it is time for me to clear the air on what has been going on in my life for the last 7 months.

There will be a few people who are going to be completely and 100% pissed that I am telling my side of the story here. But I think it is time. I'm not looking to start a war. I'm just looking to clear my name and explain what happened to me.

Back in October I rekindled a friendship with someone that most of my friends would not have approved of. The person and I kept our friendship a complete secret from everyone. Then one day I accidentally spilled the beans to my roommate that I was friends with this person again. And in doing so I jokingly asked her to help keep me busy that eve…

The Truth Is Out There

X-Files movie expected in Summer 2008.


Insomnia+ Jet Lag= Very Bad Thing

I already had a pretty crappy day. (with the exception of the high point of getting to see my family) Now I have insomnia plus jet lag. And I have to work for 9 hours tomorrow. I have to be at work in 5 hours. And I'm wide freaking awake.

Brain Dump

1. Harry Potter- I was thinking I should wait a week or so before reviewing the new movie. But then I realized that pretty much everyone in the world knows how it ends, and everyone who hasn't read the books is just, well, wrong.
Yet again there was another director for another Harry Potter movie. This kills some of the comfortable familiarity and yet gives it new energy. I liked how this director brought in more of real England, but was disappointed in how he changed some of the other sets. I always enjoy seeing how much the cast has grown up between the different movies. Harry and Hermione are all grown up and look good. Ron was in a bit of an awkward stage and Draco, well, it's a good thing he didn't have very many minutes on screen. The kid who had changed the most was Dudley. I even had to go to IMDB to make sure it was the same actor. He cracked me up! Overall, the movie was well done. But I'm always sad at the end because I miss the deleted scenes. O…

Big happy smile

In 24 hours I land in DC.
I can't wait to step off the plane onto the jetway and dry clean my lungs and have a full-blown humidity-induced asthma attack.
And then my neck will get all sweaty as my hair slowly starts to frizz up.
And I'll start fanning my clothes wondering how it is I ever survived in humidity.
And I won't feel fully dry or cooled off for days.
And I'll love everything about it.

There's a funny apprehension about taking this trip. On one hand I'm homesick and I'm afraid I won't want to go back to Utah. On the other hand, it's my first trade show for this company, and I'm a bit nervous. And on that elusive third hand, I am having a lot of fun in Utah and not sure if I want to leave right now. But... I'm going. So, get over it, Erin!

No matter which hand you go with, I am really excited to see my family on Friday. And several friends during the evenings as well!

Krispy Home Evening

New friend Krispy hosts a family home evening for all of us with no family every week. This week I finally got the chance to go up and hang out. We had a bonfire up in Little Cottonwood Canyon, up above the Alta ski resort. It was absolutely gorgeous up there. I got to meet a few of Krispy's friends and hang out with a few of my favorite Utah people- Kris(t)py, Sean, Heather, Brent and Baby Felix. Since it was an after dark event I didn't get any pictures of my friends, but I did get these two before it got too dark.

Pictures From the Vegas Trip

As I previously mentioned, I went down to Vegas last weekend on a spur of the moment trip to visit my sister and her family. Thankfully, I drove down before most of the highway between here and there caught on fire.

I got down there last Friday night and went straight to bed without seeing my nephews (who had been in bed for hours already). Saturday morning I got up and went in to surprise Dallin and Tell. Tell immediately jumped up and hugged me and cheered. Dallin, still in his bed, covered his face back up with the blanket, pulled it back down and said, "You are here!?" And then he gave me my big hug. I played with them in their room for several minutes before Porter walked in. He looked at me, smiled and picked up a book for me to read to him. He sat in my lap and we went through two books. Then it hit him. He looked up at me all shocked, jumps out of my lap, runs down the hall and yelled, "Mommy, Mommy! Aunt Owie here!" Very cute!

We had lots of fun the…

room with a smokey view

2 pictures- for comparison purposes
the view on monday
the view about a month ago i think

Now can you see how hazy and smoky it is outside? It wasn't overcast or at a different time of the day. The air is just that bad.

Smoke+dry air+ dead lawns+heat= Massive Headache and Allergies

This is the only picture I can find to show how hazy it is here right now. Maybe I'll get a shot on my camera phone of the view from my office later.
The fires in Utah are leaving smoke and haze all over the state. There's not a fire particularly close to the Provo Orem area, but it isn't stopping the smoke from getting stuck in our little valley here. The smoke, dust, haze and just plain dirt floating in the air is making all cars filthy. And then there's the allergies. My eyes burn. I'm coughing (not bad, but a little). And then there's the sneezing. And the requisite headache.
What we all wouldn't give for a little rain around here.
Last night I had a dream that I convinced all my neighbors to turn their sprinklers on at the same time to create some humidity and mist in the air. I was sure (in my dream) that if nothing else, this idea would clear the air in our neighborhood and we could all stop sneezing. And that if we could just prove it to the …

In 2's

Two Things I've Never Done Before-
1. Watched "The Matrix." Saw it last night for the first real time (I saw some of it before on Clean Flicks and fell asleep).
2. Ate salmon.
On both accounts I can say, now I see what the fuss is all about. I liked both quite a bit.

Two Happy Thoughts
1. After just 5 days of serious dieting, with absolutely no cheating thus far, aided by the My Alli pills, I have suffered none of the possibly awful side effects, my regular jeans are looser and my tight jeans fit just right (for the first time in a year). I can't wait to stand on the scale at my parents' house next week and see what it says.
2. I went and did some "window" house hunting today. Just drove around and looked at neighborhoods in different towns. I found a few places I just loved. I just might buy a condo a little sooner than I expected as a result!

Two Funny Thoughts
1. Just moments before a friend came over last night to watch a movie, I took off my sweatshi…

Happy Thought

here's a happy thought to counteract yesterday's frustrations-
this time next week i'll be in virginia!!!



For the few of you who have been my sounding boards for the last 24 hours, I apologize for dragging this all up again.
But I'm frustrated and mad. Today was officially a no good, awful, very bad, crappy, stinky, miserable day.
I'll start at the beginning.
It's hard to be happy when you find articles likethis. (To sum up, deadly lover's quarrel back in DC. A man I knew shot another man over a woman I have met. The man died.) I knew the alleged shooter. (NOT Tara, but the pics below of the alleged shooter. Tara, you have got to let people link to posts directly!!) Not well, but he's someone I've met. He was on my kickball team, plus we have met and associated in other ways and places. I know many are speculating and questioning the whole situation. I won't speculate on it here. But it is a bit overwhelming and hard to fathom that something like this could happen in your own social circles.
And then yesterday I got a rather rude email from my landlord accu…

It's Independence Day

Happy Fourth, y'all.

It was a good Fourth. I went to the Provo Parade for the second year in a row, which was an odd realization. It was a good time with good company. Parades make me cry, for reasons I can't explain. It's an overt display of patriotism thing that makes me cry. It's the same crying gene that kicks in when cute little kids sing songs. I don't know why I do, I just do.

I also went to breakfast with the parade friends and to see Transformers with them. To be honest, I had NO desire to see that movie. Hated Transformers as a kid, and can't really say my feelings about them have changed. I was asked how I could hate Transformers as a kid, and the answer is quite simple. #1- My sister liked them. That was always a good enough reason to dislike them. And #2- they didn't have hair you could brush. Thus, I had little interest in them. I went today out of peer pressure. And, ok, I admit, the movie was good. However, I fell asleep durin…

blog or sleep? hmm...

It's 10 pm Utah time. I have a choice here. Blog or sleep. I'm opting for sleep (and reading HP OOTP). My house is mostly clean. My cats are fed. My laundry is never going to really be done. My bills are paid. I'm fed. So I'm going to do whatever I dang well feel like. Except go get a rootbeer frosty. Which is what I want to do. But I started the "My Alli" plan today, and I'm afraid of sweets and fats now. Oh and I got a MySpace page. I have no idea why. We can be friends if you want.


I just got back from a last minute trip to Vegas to visit my sister and her cute little family. It was fun. Pictures to come soon.
This means, of course, that I didn't get caught up on sleep over the weekend. In fact, I got less than usual. So why am I blogging instead of going to bed NOW? I have no idea.