Thursday, July 12, 2007

Brain Dump

1. Harry Potter- I was thinking I should wait a week or so before reviewing the new movie. But then I realized that pretty much everyone in the world knows how it ends, and everyone who hasn't read the books is just, well, wrong.
Yet again there was another director for another Harry Potter movie. This kills some of the comfortable familiarity and yet gives it new energy. I liked how this director brought in more of real England, but was disappointed in how he changed some of the other sets. I always enjoy seeing how much the cast has grown up between the different movies. Harry and Hermione are all grown up and look good. Ron was in a bit of an awkward stage and Draco, well, it's a good thing he didn't have very many minutes on screen. The kid who had changed the most was Dudley. I even had to go to IMDB to make sure it was the same actor. He cracked me up! Overall, the movie was well done. But I'm always sad at the end because I miss the deleted scenes. Oh, and their version of the "veil" was totally different from mine.

2. Friends- this week I learned another vital lesson in quality friends versus a quantity of friends. It always makes me sad when I realize that I can't expect a friend to love me the way I love them. I would lay down in traffic for any of my friends. It breaks my heart when I realize that some "friends" wouldn't lay down beside me and instead would lie in wait and grab my purse when I'm gone. It hurts and it confuses me. Do you continue to call that kind of person a friend? Does friendship have to be a 2 way street? Or do you accept that this person only cares about her/himself and just walk away and forget you ever cared for them?

3. I've had a lot of success with the "My Alli" pills and diet. It's going really well. But, in anticipation of not being able to control my diet while traveling, I stopped taking the pills over 24 hours ago. And NOW I'm getting the side effects. Go figure.

4. For the past hour I've been tv surfing in my hotel room. I've found a show called "World Series of Pop Culture." I haven't missed one question yet. I'm seriously missing my calling in life as a game show contestant.


  1. I found your blog from my brother Michael's blog. I wanted to say something about the friendship comment. You should not be friends with someone who is not going to lift you up!

  2. I started taking ALLI, too! I'm going to be done with my first week tomorrow. :)


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