Thursday, July 05, 2007


For the few of you who have been my sounding boards for the last 24 hours, I apologize for dragging this all up again.
But I'm frustrated and mad. Today was officially a no good, awful, very bad, crappy, stinky, miserable day.
I'll start at the beginning.
It's hard to be happy when you find articles like this. (To sum up, deadly lover's quarrel back in DC. A man I knew shot another man over a woman I have met. The man died.) I knew the alleged shooter. (NOT Tara, but the pics below of the alleged shooter. Tara, you have got to let people link to posts directly!!) Not well, but he's someone I've met. He was on my kickball team, plus we have met and associated in other ways and places. I know many are speculating and questioning the whole situation. I won't speculate on it here. But it is a bit overwhelming and hard to fathom that something like this could happen in your own social circles.
And then yesterday I got a rather rude email from my landlord accusing me of deceiving her regarding my cats. She claims she told me no pets. What she did tell me (when I asked if I could get both a puppy and a kitten) was, "About the puppy.... I really don't feel good about that. I know what it's like to train a new puppy or kitten and no matter what they are going to be chewing or scratching." Since they (the owners) had a cat, I took that to say no puppy, but a kitten would be okay. I apologized for the misunderstanding and pointed out that they are outside cats. Her response? Give up the cats or move out. (paraphrased) She also emailed my sister (life long best friends) and said some very insulting things about me. I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. I'd like to buy a house and just move out. But what would I do with the cats in the meantime? Buying a house doesn't just happen overnight. So I'm mad and insulted.
To add insult to injury, I left my very low fat lunch and snacks at home in the garage today. A complete waste of food. I hate when I do numb skull things like that.

Oh, and then I picked a fight with an idiot who actually said this-
I admit i belive that if a guy or girl is 30= and never married they have issues, or at least had them. I mean why is it your not married? cause you wanted to focus on an education? well thats an issue you had, and if your educated now your over it, ect.
She's an idiot and I made sure she knew it. And I may or may not have called for a public lynching. (Thank you to the friends who came to the public lynching.)

And there you have it. Just an overall bad day. Oh, and the network went down at work again.

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  1. i didn't know i WASN'T linking to posts directly!

    i will fix it pronto.


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