Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pictures From the Vegas Trip

As I previously mentioned, I went down to Vegas last weekend on a spur of the moment trip to visit my sister and her family. Thankfully, I drove down before most of the highway between here and there caught on fire.

I got down there last Friday night and went straight to bed without seeing my nephews (who had been in bed for hours already). Saturday morning I got up and went in to surprise Dallin and Tell. Tell immediately jumped up and hugged me and cheered. Dallin, still in his bed, covered his face back up with the blanket, pulled it back down and said, "You are here!?" And then he gave me my big hug. I played with them in their room for several minutes before Porter walked in. He looked at me, smiled and picked up a book for me to read to him. He sat in my lap and we went through two books. Then it hit him. He looked up at me all shocked, jumps out of my lap, runs down the hall and yelled, "Mommy, Mommy! Aunt Owie here!" Very cute!

We had lots of fun the whole weekend. We went to the park, a karate lesson and did some other stuff. Natalie and I went to see "Stomp the Yard" on Saturday night. I had seen it several years ago and it was even better than I remember. Well worth the money!

Sunday was our big exciting activity. The boys are getting their very own puppy. Her name is Ruby and she's a full breed boxer. While I was there she wasn't quite old enough to go home yet, so these pictures were all taken over at Ruby's first house. But she has been fully adopted and brought home now.

But before we went to visit Ruby there was a very needed Sonic run in there.

Tell ordered all the good stuff, but somehow doesn't look like he ate much of it. (no pictoral evidence of it, but natalie and i helped make sure nothing went to waste. we are nothing if not our mother's daughters in that respect.)

Dallin, on the other hand, ate enough for all of us. Please note the big drip of cherry sauce down his shirt (and the whipped cream on his nose- so cute)! This is important for a later picture.

After Sonic we went to see Ruby. She's in theory Tell's puppy. But it doesn't take much to see she's partial to Dallin. It might be because his shirts taste like cherry sauce.

Dallin and Ruby share a moment.

And I shared a moment with Ruby's dad. Have I mentioned I don't like dog slobber?

And here's Tell holding his "sweet girl."

On the way home I enjoyed myself by taking the scenic route. I got off the road in Podunk, Arizona to get gas and saw a sign that said, "25 miles to St George." To be honest, I have no idea how far it would have been to St. George if I had stayed on the highway. But I'm guessing it would have been faster. 25 miles took me nearly an hour. Insane! But! I did get to see some amazing red rock formations- something I had never seen before. I thought the area was beautiful, in spite of the 117 temperatures and charred "forest."

And once I actually got to St George, starving and in serious need of gas (I didn't get it in Podunk cause their one pump was closed "during church"), I began the fun process of attempting to find gas and food that was open on Sunday. Gas was easier than food. And then I remembered there is a temple in St George. Using my superior detective skills, I looked for the tallest building in town and drove to it. It was the tabernacle, but that meant I had to be close. So I asked a person walking by, and sure enough, found the temple a few blocks away. The spires were hidden by the amazingly tall trees for Utah, or otherwise my tallest building theory would have worked.

I had no idea what this temple would look like. It is now in my top 5 most beautiful temples list. It's beautiful! I have to go back sometime when I can actually go inside (and I'm not wearing a hat and jean shorts).

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  1. St. George is one of my MOST favorite Temples...next to San Diego, that is. :)


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