Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Random Brain Dump

1. There will most likely be a Hurricane Erin this year. I hope she's significant and newsworthy- so I can cut my name out of the newspaper and make collages out of it.

2. Eating a hamburger, french fries and chocolate decadent cake after 4 weeks of dieting can cause a serious hangover and withdrawals the next morning.

3. Billy Bob Thornton should not have been allowed to make a CD.

4. Only one Battlestar Galactica DVD left before I have to watch webisodes and wait for Season 3 to come out. I feel withdrawal coming in advance.


  1. I ate potato chips tonight. I know exactly of what you speak.

  2. You have really cute nephews by the way. I was walking up from my office to screen on the green, and I passed two little towheads, I glanced at one and thought, wow he looks like Erin's nephew. I then see the youngest and think...wow, that looks like Erin's other nephew..then I see your parents with the kids. I was about to say hi to your parents when the two older nephew started fighting. They were distracted and I needed to get where I was going.


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