Monday, July 09, 2007

Smoke+dry air+ dead lawns+heat= Massive Headache and Allergies

This is the only picture I can find to show how hazy it is here right now. Maybe I'll get a shot on my camera phone of the view from my office later.
The fires in Utah are leaving smoke and haze all over the state. There's not a fire particularly close to the Provo Orem area, but it isn't stopping the smoke from getting stuck in our little valley here. The smoke, dust, haze and just plain dirt floating in the air is making all cars filthy. And then there's the allergies. My eyes burn. I'm coughing (not bad, but a little). And then there's the sneezing. And the requisite headache.
What we all wouldn't give for a little rain around here.
Last night I had a dream that I convinced all my neighbors to turn their sprinklers on at the same time to create some humidity and mist in the air. I was sure (in my dream) that if nothing else, this idea would clear the air in our neighborhood and we could all stop sneezing. And that if we could just prove it to the world, the rest of the state would follow suit.
When I woke up the sprinkler was hitting my window.

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