Thursday, August 30, 2007


Our growing little company is growing again. Which means making room for the new people and fighting for a window office. Right now there are three of us sharing a fairly good sized room with 2 windows, 2 doors, the copier and the fax. We have real desks and not cubes. But sometime next week we have to make room for a fourth person to come join us in our happy, sunny, well-ventilated and rather funny room. (two of my office-mates are reading this i bet. to the two of you i say- i'll place my commas where i want to!)
So we've been trying to plot out our room so as to make sure we all get to have computer screen privacy (because everyone hates having their back and computer screen exposed to everyone who walks in the office, right?), a window view, a slight amount of sound buffer and a decent amount of space.
In the process we've been saying, "But then we'll have to Dwight and Jim it." Because no one wants to be Dwight or Jim in this situation. (Although I'm giving serious thought to putting someone's measuring tape in Jello.) There's only so many options, but happily, no one will be Dwight or Jim. There will be a Pam though. But no Michael, thankfully.
It cracks me up that we've created a new phrase "Dwight and Jim it." And just for the fun of it, I thought I'd share the best of Dwight and Jim, courtesy of YouTube.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just 2 Girls Having a Little Fun

My cousin Colette was out visiting this week.

We went out for a fancy breakfast. Here is C looking fancy at breakfast.

We also went to Seven Peaks for some fun. To the best of our knowledge we didn't catch the nasty parasite at the pool. We also didn't know about the parasite before going there. I wish I didn't know about it now.

And here I am modeling the latest in red umbrella fashions.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Is There Anything Cuter?

Is there anything cuter than little kids on their first day of school?

Here's Tell on his first day of second grade. He's so big now!!

And here is my sweet little Dallin all dressed up for his first day of kindergarten.

And all 3 sweet boys, including the little guy, Porter, ever so desperate to be included in the excitement! Does it get any cuter than this??

I think the only thing cuter than little kids on the first day of school are little boys and their puppy!!

(I see this picture and I think that maybe I do want to have kids.)

And then I see this picture and the thought occurs to me that tube-tying isn't a bad option after all!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Notable Exception

There is one notable exception to my weariness. I had a lovely Saturday morning yesterday. It was the kind of day a Saturday is supposed to be. My cousin, Colette, is visiting. We got up and went for a good aerobic walk, which felt great. (My inhaler is working!) Then we were off to join my two favorite Utahns, Cary and Sean, for breakfast at Magleby's. I deprive myself regularly in the breakfast department, and usually only have a boring bagel or yogurt. But I indulged yesterday with eggs, hash browns and chocolate chip pancakes. DELICIOUS! The conversation and company was delightful. It felt great to not be the new girl on the outskirts of a conversation for the first time in a very long time. Cary is one of my oldest friends (14 years this week!). Sean was one of my first new friends out here and is also now my co-worker. Both guys serve as my daily concierges helping me with learning the ropes in a new town. It was fun to get to introduce them to each other. (they have certainly heard enough about each other) And it was great to have a friend/cousin from home be a little part of my life out here for a few hours.
After breakfast there was some browsing and shopping to be done. Colette and Cary went their separate ways, but Sean and I had fun poking around for a few minutes.
Next, continuing the perfect Saturday, I found myself on a whim at the movie theater. I went to go see "Last Legion" starring my beloved Colin Firth. I was a minute late so I rushed in to the theater. The trailers were still running and I watched them thinking they seemed like odd trailers for this particular movie. And then the movie started. It wasn't "Last Legion," it was "Transformers." Thinking I must have somehow gone into the wrong room, I got up and left. But sure enough, the sign on the door said "Last Legion." So I went to the desk and commented. Shortly after a few more people came out of the theater with the same comments. The people checked, and yes, they were showing the wrong film. So we went back in, sat down, and UGH, they showed 20 minutes more of trailers before our movie started. So my afternoon whim turned into my entire afternoon. But I can't complain too much. "Last Legion" was a fabulous movie. Not only was Colin Firth in it, but the oldest brother from "Nanny McPhee" (he was also the young drummer boy in "Love Actually"), and the lead female from "Bride and Prejudice" (the gorgeous Indian woman who was also Miss World). The movie was "brilliant." I loved it!

End <- Rope <- Me

I don't have much to say. I'm tired, frustrated and yeah, tired and frustrated. I'm so tired of having to try so hard to be happy here. It's hard to consider yourself happy when you have to work so hard to be happy. Does that make sense? Earlier this week I posted that I was struggling with whether or not to let something make me happy. It does make me happy. And for that one thing in my life, I am happy and grateful. But overall, I'm very tired and frustrated here. I still feel like I'm not in the life I signed up for. I am me, though, and therefore, proactively trying to change my situation. The first major step is to find a new place to live. I think a slightly more social and singles oriented neighborhood is the first smart move. Then I'll work on the other unhappy issues.
Until then- ugh. I'm tired.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

4 prescriptions later...

After 4 days of complaining that my ear hurt I took myself to the doctor's office this morning. And as usual, the appointment was not what I expected it to be. Being new to town, and new to my insurance, I had to pick a new doctor to go to. My only criteria was that my new doctor be a female and relatively close to my office.
First mishap- "erin robinson" was not a female.
Second- their scale lies. According to their scale I've only lost 8 lbs. Either way, I've lost 2 dress sizes, so I don't care.
Third, Erin Who Is Not a Girl (and rather unfortunately named as a result) decided that I don't just have shortness of breath occasionally, and diagnosed it as actual asthma and prescribed me 2 inhalers.
Fourth, I have an ear infection in both ears. BOTH! What adult (especially one that doesn't swim) gets an ear infection?? We determined it was probably from the crazy windstorm I was in on Sunday. 1 prescription for that.

(Don't just look at how funny I look. Notice the sideways blowing tall grass in the background. That was some crazy strong wind!)

Fifth, being prone to back injuries and currently putting up with some lower back pain, I had him make sure I don't have a slipped or bulging disk. I don't. But he gave me some prescription ibuprofen for the pain.

(for those adding this up that would be nearly $100 just to breathe and live without pain. God bless the freaking US health care system.)

Sixth, Erin Who Is Not a Girl In Spite of What the Insurance Website Said, wants me to come in for a woman's wellness exam. Sorry Charlie (a name that would have suited him better), I have to go find me a female doctor. There's just some things you will never be privy to.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things I Learned Today

Losing 15 lbs does not mean you will ever find a pair of jeans that will fit right. I tried on no less than 10 different styles, sizes and shapes of jeans tonight, and I swear nothing fits quite right.
Blame it on the McBride Potbelly. Blame it on a lack of decent abs (made impossible by said McBride Potbelly). Blame it on a tired and sore back. Blame it on having child-bearing hips that have never borne children. Blame it on my really short torso. Blame it on what my mama gave me- too much junk in the trunk. But there are just no jeans out there. And I hate them all.
I particularly hate the Gap for changing the material and cut on the curvy fit jeans. And Old Navy. I don't hate Aeropostale as much. And I still think Charlotte Russe is the great and abominable whorehouse.
I also hate 7 for All Mankind jeans, because they fit and I love them. But they freaking cost twice as much as regular brand jeans, and therefore I resent them. It's hard to wear $198 jeans to a campfire and not worry. You can't go for a long walk, or hike in the mountains, or just do regular errands and chores in expensive jeans. You just can't! Plus, (i know i'm alone on this one) when you pay $198 for jeans, you dry clean them (but only at the $1 dry cleaner). $198 jeans are an investment. And a girl who buys groceries at Walmart in Springville cannot wear her investment when running in to buy a box of tampons. She just can't.
So I'm thinking about buying a pair of good old fashioned $15 Wranglers to offset the 7 for All Mankind jeans just for the tampon buying and campfires.
Now to find a store in Utah that carries Sevens on sale.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Great Party for Julipalooza

My BFF Julipalooza has been gracing Utah with her presence for two weeks now. Obviously, the gracing required a party and naturally I planned one.

Her Graciousness

Julipalooza and Heather have the annual "Chesty McChesty" competition.

What do you bet Kim has a picture of me doing the same thing?

CarrieAnn models the latest in baby accessories- Baby Felix (Heather's baby)

One half of the Hill Twins mugs for the camera

Me and my biggest fan, CaliPalooza (photo courtesy of AndiPalooza)

Janeal won the best hair contest (again)

AndiPalooza wins Most Photogenic (again) (photo courtesy of CaliPalooza)

Overhear something funny?

Overhear something at church today?
Your (completely taken out of context or "as is") eaves-droppings are welcome here-

We'd love your jokes!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Why is it so hard to let something make you happy...

... When you know full well it is making you happy?

There's something on my mind that I want to flesh out with writing. Hopefully it can be done without details or specifics. (As I think most people know is not my strong suit.)

How do you let go of what it is you thought would make you happy and embrace the thing that is making you happy? And why on earth isn't that easy? If something is making you happy, why is it so hard to accept it and believe it? And let go of the thing, thought, idea, (pipe)dream that you thought would make you happy?

Is it just the changing of plans? Forgetting what it is you thought you wanted? Making new plans? Or just not wanting to admit that maybe all your bright ideas and dreams were not quite right? (read: erin is still in denial in accept that her plan was wrong)

Or am I 2 seconds away from the epiphany that I have finally reached that magical place where if you just let go of what you thought you wanted, you find out something else makes you much happier?

By writing it am I admitting I am happy? Maybe. There's still some denial in me that I am. Therefore, none of this ever happened. Right?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Almost there!

Two months ago I set a goal to lose 20 lbs by this Saturday. (The significance of this Saturday? Julipalooza is in town and we're having a big old party for her.) And I am happy to report I almost made my goal. I'm holding strong at 15 lbs down. I've been a total slacker for the last 2 weeks and not very diligent at all. But I re-found my dedication this week and maybe I'll lose five more pounds before going to Moab for Labor Day (quite possibly my only bathing suit experience for the summer). I'm not only down 15 lbs, but also a dress size. I'm bordering on a second dress size down, so hopefully the next 5-10 lbs will get me to wear I really want to be!

I thought I'd share some of my low-fat recipes that are getting me through this experience. Finding foods that tasted good, but were low-fat, and that I had the patience to make was the hardest part of dieting for me. Breakfast was easy- bagel, cream cheese and a piece of fruit. Lunch- also easy- usually just a lean cuisine or a salad at Fazoli's. But dinner? I'm a fast food person, with most meals in my car. And that was obviously the first thing that had to go. So enter these recipes!

Tomato Artichoke Soup
14 oz can artichoke hearts
14 oz can diced tomatoes (i prefer tomatoes and chiles for extra kick)
2 cups chicken broth
1 cup water
1 yellow onion
1 tablespoon olive oil
(optional- 1 cup dry pasta- boil/cook and add to soup, your choice of a little soup appropriate pasta. option #2- 14 oz can of chick peas)

Saute the onion first.
Put all ingredients in pot
Bring to a boil
Simmer for 10 mins

I really like this soup! It's really flavorful (and spicy with the chiles) and very filling!

Cheese Tortellini with Veggies
9 oz cheese tortellini
1 tsp olive oil
1 lg red onion
1 lg red pepper
2 tbs sundried tomatoes
2 cup chopped broccoli
1/4 cup lemon juice
3 tbs parmesan cheese

Saute the onion
Cook the tortellini
I like to throw all of the veggies into the stir fry and cook them all up together that way, with the lemon juice. (I didn't expect it to be the crucial ingredient, but the lemon juice is VITAL!)
Mix the veggies with the pasta, top with the cheese.
The recipe didn't call for it, but I've been throwing in a small can of mushroom pieces as well.
I've been nearly living off of this dish for about 3 weeks now. I LOVE IT! It's so good!

Shrimp and Red Pepper Sandwich
1 cup cooked tiny shrimp (or 1 little can of cooked shrimp)
1 cup diced red pepper
2 tb cilantro chopped
2 tb fine green onion
lime juice
2 tb fat free mayor

Stir it all up together, serve on a pita or bread. Or if you are me, cook some bow tie pasta, and add the mix to it. ALL very good options.

Last but not least-
Salmon and Rice and a Smoothie
I found these great little 1 serving packages of salmon and tilapia at the grocery store. They cost $1.50 each and are the perfect size. So I have one of those and throw a cup or two of rice in the rice maker for the perfect fat free dinner.

THE Smoothie-
I made grapefruit juice from concentrate the normal way. I hadn't meant to. I thought I had bought and made lemonade. I didn't know what to do with the grapefruit juice, since it makes me gag and all. So I threw 2 cups of juice in the blender with a cup of ice and a cup of thawed out frozen strawberries (chopped). Blended it up for a minute, and VOILA! It's so good! And fat free!

I should point out that these are low-fat meals, but not necessarily low-cal. The fish and soup are relatively low-cal, but I don't think the rest are.

And credit must go where credit is due! THANK YOU MARTI for the great recipes! They were fabulous!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Making Family Fertilizer

So you think your family has issues? Allow me to introduce you to my family and our by-laws. Yes, my family has by-laws. Not just any bylaws. We have by-laws on how and who can be buried in the family cemetery. And according to the new rules, I am not eligible.

Let’s start at the beginning. And by beginning I mean 3 generations back when my great-great grandfather had five children and one mountain in Southern Virginia. Those five children went on to produce nearly 2,000 descendants, with over 1,600 currently living (no polygamy for us, thank you very much!), most of whom still live in Southern Virginia. And on that mountain there is a cemetery which is rapidly filling up with my gene pool.

While a family cemetery on the family mountain sounds quaint, there's a little problem. They only built a cemetery with space for another 355 people. But we have over 1,600 warm bodies waiting to get in, so a few rules were set. First, “double stacking” will now be implemented in the future. Double-stacking? Yes, it’s what it sounds like. Forget six feet under, we’re going ten feet under. We’re getting deep dirt for doubles. When you signed up to marry that person till “death do we part,” you are no longer getting a reprieve with death. You are will now be buried in the same spot, one on top of the other. This isn’t walking side-by-side through life (err death). This is a king-sized grave, tag-team resting place. An all you can eat worm buffet. Shared family footage. Tomb sharing. An eternal time share, if you will. The eternal double-decker bus. It’s not just kicking the bucket, it’s kicking the barrel. When it’s your turn to buy a pine condo, expect to sleep in the basement.

But even with double-stacking we’re still short on space for everyone to take a dirt nap. So we’re building a vault and encouraging cremation. Family members without a spouse to be their eternal sleeping partner are encouraged to consider cremation and be placed in the vault. The family that couldn’t let me forget I wasn’t married in this life now won’t let me forget it in death either. Can’t you just see it now? A whole shelf in the family vault dedicated to all the single cousins, maybe even in matching urns, taking up as little space as possible. I picture a shelf in the back with a marble plaque hanging over our urns, reading, “Did not find happiness in this life,” or maybe, “Did not return with honor,” or “Couldn’t find a date for the big dance so she’s here with her cousin.”

How will I explain that one when I finally meet my eternal companion in heaven? “Sorry, but I’m here with my cousin. We weren’t kissing cousins until after we died. Now I can’t shake the guy.”

(I have put in a request that I be placed in a lovely cement vase with daisies placed in it. If I’m going to be cremated and put on a shelf, I still want to push up daisies! Preferably next to Colette, Michelle and Mark. I think we could have fun raising a little hell together.)

Now let’s say that, sadly, a child dies. Will the child be doomed to eternal damnation on the Singles’ Shelf? Stuck on a shelf all alone? No. They may be buried in a triple-stacker arrangement with their parents. (If you are suddenly and inexplicably craving Wendy’s, you are not alone. Just sick in the head.)

Even with all of these arrangements there are still a few more rules you must comply with for a place in the Ferguson Family Bus to St. Peter’s. All of the obvious rules- such as your headstone must be made out of one of the approved types of stone. Graves will be assigned by the Family Trustees, because apparently we have Family Trustees. No reservations or dibs may be called in advance. And last but not least, you have to be current on your family dues. Yes, family dues. Apparently birthright and bloodline just isn’t good enough around here. Now you have to pay to be in my family. I haven’t paid my dues. Ever.

I guess I will just have to find myself a new family. Preferably one with plenty of space left in the gene garden.

Input Needed

I'm considering consolidating my 2 remaining student loans. Other than the obvious benefit of convenience of only paying 1 bill and not 2 that come in identical envelopes, with the same account number, that have nearly the same amount owed, therefore looking so much alike that you can't tell which is which, what other benefit is there to consolidating? (Assuming the interest rate remains the same.) And what benefit is there to using a federal consolidator versus a private company?
I keep looking at this stuff and I really can't see a benefit other than convenience and maybe having such a long term loan paid off on my credit report and starting something new.
Any experiences? Thoughts? Suggestions?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Things I say way too much

1. Seriously. Seriously? Seriously! ... Seriously.
I blame Grey's Anatomy-

2. Oh my. Oh oh my.

3. Just saying

4. Something, something, I think. (as in, "Tastes good, I think." Not in a questioning tone, but in a british and snobby tone maybe.)

5. Dude.

6. Love you bye. (I'm starting to say this to the wrong people at the wrong time. I don't think veterinarians need to hear me say that on the phone.)

7. Yeah, so, um...

8. Just a little bit (added 12 hours after the original post when I heard myself say it three times)

9. Not so much (not saying how much i say that!)

I probably say more than that, but I'm very aware that I keep saying these. So my goal for tomorrow is no seriouslies. Seriously!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Harry Potter Spoilers- Seriously

It's time for some real Harry Potter talk. If you haven't finished it- hello! It's been 2 weeks, how slow do you read?? Just bookmark this page and come back later.
Now I will make happy little marks to give you spoiler room...

h= is for harry

It's Harry Potter time!

When the last book ended I think most people (or at least those in my group of friends that discussed it) knew the original locket was going to be with Regulus Black. I have to admit I was just a bit disappointed when it was with him. I was hoping JKR had a trick up her sleeve on that one.

Actually, as much as I loved the book, I kept hoping JKR had more tricks up her sleeve. But most of the twists and turns were "formattable" - or typical of her style. And in several cases, completely predictable.

I had to admit about 500 pages into the book (or for my Mormon friends "while they were dwelling in a tent in the wilderness") I started to get bored and annoyed. I wanted more to happen than just Harry and Hermione picking their noses. But by the time I finished the book I started to realize that one of JKR's finest talents is her ability to make the reader feel like the hero. Without telling us to feel like Harry, we did feel like him, whether we knew it or not. We were tired of being in a tent with nothing happening. We wanted a big duel. We wanted the big hero moment. Which is exactly what Harry (and Hermione) was feeling at that time.

I thought it was interesting that Umbridge was back and played a significant part. We always knew she was Ministry-centric, but it was never 100% clear if she was a Death Eater or just Fudge-obsessed. I liked that it was made clear she was in cahoots with the Death Eaters (by having Mad Eye's mad eye). But a Death Eater that doesn't recognize Slytherin's symbol? A little hard to believe.

Did anyone else catch during the wedding scene when Aunt Muriel makes a few comments about Ginevra? She tells Ron his hair is too long and that she thought he was Ginevra. And then says that Ginevra's dress is too low cut. The first time I read it I just figured Ginevra was a Weasley cousin and otherwise unmentioned cousin. Now that I'm re-reading it, i just realized Ginevra is Ginny's real name.

Sometimes I love JKR's subtle details. Also at the wedding they boys talk about their Uncle Bilius. Did anyone catch that just prior to the wedding when Scrimgeour reads them the will that Bilius is Ron's middle name?

I thought having Mad-Eye die was a bit of a stretch. He's the least likely Auror to ever make a mistake, you know? But I suppose someone had to die early on and it set up an even stronger dislike of Mundungus, so it worked. I predicted one of the twins would die, and I predicted Dobby would die. I was surprised to be right on both counts. By the end of the book I inevitably realized Lupin was going to have to die as well. That effectively took out all of Harry's parent-like figures. Except it bothered me that she didn't kill off Mrs. Weasley. Mrs. Weasley has over and over again proven to be the most parent-like figure in Harry's life, without a strong connection to his parents. It seemed it was crucial that his parent's inner circle had to be killed off. Why? I'm not so sure.

I liked that Ron and Hermione were not necessarily a couple throughout the book. And I was a little disappointed in the last chapter when they were married. It was just too simple and obvious. I would have liked Hermione to go on single and accomplish more things.

Did anyone else read JKR's interview with the Today Show all the spoilers and post-story details? Harry goes on to be an Auror. Hermione works in Magical Law Enforcement. But it is only implied that Ron works at the Ministry as well. In another interview that I can't find the source of, it says Ron goes on to work with his brother at the magic shop. Somehow I like that better.

If you ever doubt the amazing detail of JKR, you have to look into true name definitions--
Albus- Latin for white. According to it also means wise protector.
Bellatrix- female warrior
Harry/Harold- army ruler
Hermione- earthly messenger
Draco- serpent
Lucius- light, bringer of light. In this case not a spiritual light, but his hair qualifies! As does his peacock.
Ronald- Ruler's counselor
Minerva- goddess of wisdom. Sounds like Prof. McGonagall to me!
Sirius- dog star
Alastor- defender of mankind
Aragog- giant spider
Hedwig- refuge in battle
Godric- God's power

Just a few of the names that she picked for their meanings.

I'd love some feedback!

I always knew I was Elizabeth Bennet!

The happiest quiz I have ever taken!

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

"Becoming Jane" - the movie about the real Jane Austen opens this week. AND Julipalooza comes for a visit. Coincidence? I think not!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Live From the Living Room! It's Bloggerday Night!

Some happy thoughts to counteract yesterday's depressing ones.

1. I went to a Salt Lake Bees game this week. And it was a pretty dang good time!

2. One of my favorite Utah friends just became my favorite Utah co-worker.

3. Lots of great people sent me very kind notes about Mindy. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

4. It finally rained here. A real rain. The kind that actually gets your car wet and cleans the dirt off the tires.

5. I finally have non-desktop internet again. I am blogging from the comfort of my couch.

6. Last night my cutest and littlest nephew Porter called to say goodnight. Except he didn't really say goodnight. We talked for a minute and then he said, "Okay Erin, well, goodnight then!" What 2 yr old says "well, goodnight then!"?!?!

Random Other Question-
Does anyone ever get toe cramps? Not just achy toe cramps, but the kind that lock your toes in a position and you can't stop it? And if so, how do you get rid of them?? THEY HURT!

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Last night was awful, today was worse.
I got my cat Mindy back from the shelter last week. She didn't look very good, but I figured getting home and cheering up and getting her brand of food back would help. But she wasn't improving. She was coughing a lot so I gave her hairball medicine. And then last night she was completely lethargic and acting strange. And then she started choking really bad. Fearing that she would vomit on the carpet I picked her and put her in the garage. (She's normally not even in the house. But she was acting so odd, I let her sit next to me for a while.) When I placed her down I realized something was horribly wrong. What I took to be an internal organ was suddenly hanging out of her. I freaked and rushed her to the 24 hour vet.
The good news was it wasn't an internal organ. It was a dead kitten. And she has feline leukemia and feline HIV and some sort of respiratory infection (picked up at the shelter). She was barely breathing and in terrible shape. And then the worst news came- there are more dead kittens inside of her. A c-section would be the way to save her. And an IV, drugs and x-rays. For a grand total of $3,000. Not to mention the walk-in appointment was costing me $75.
Needless to say, I can't afford $3,000. I started sobbing. And then Mindy did the most heartbreaking thing ever.
She's never liked to be held much. Most likely because there were dead kittens inside of her. But last night she was sitting on the exam table, barely breathing and in massive pain. And then she looked at me and used all of her strength to slide and inch over to me. And I realized she wanted me to hold her. So I wrapped her up in a towel and sat there sobbing and holding my cat.
I also managed to find the one and only vet who won't euthanize an animal that could be saved with proper treatment. So my options were take her home or hospitalize her.
I took her home, knowing she'd probably die overnight. But she didn't.
She lived all day. When I got home I found more dead kittens. It was awful and horrible. And Mindy looked even worse. Barely able to lift her own head. Not knowing what else to do I called Animal Control. They came a few minutes ago to take her away and put her down.
I feel awful. I know it isn't all my fault, but that isn't really helping right now. And I'm completely avoiding the situation with the bathroom I had her sequestered in. I just feel like the worst mommy ever right now. First I lose them and now Mindy is so sick she's dying.
I have not just emotional feelings about my pets, but political ones as well. It's a moral issue for me. We, humans, take these animals and domesticate them. We rule over them and force them to rely on us for everything. And then, when they need us the most, we are too cheap to pay for it. We'd rather kill them than provide for medical care. We wouldn't treat a human like that, but we don't think twice about treating pets this way. I hate that I'm now in the category of people that I despise.
And I miss my only true friend I had in Utah!

More Later

Things are pretty crappy right now. I know I owe several people responses and emails. I'll get to them soon. I'll explain more later.

Working Girl

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