Thursday, August 23, 2007

4 prescriptions later...

After 4 days of complaining that my ear hurt I took myself to the doctor's office this morning. And as usual, the appointment was not what I expected it to be. Being new to town, and new to my insurance, I had to pick a new doctor to go to. My only criteria was that my new doctor be a female and relatively close to my office.
First mishap- "erin robinson" was not a female.
Second- their scale lies. According to their scale I've only lost 8 lbs. Either way, I've lost 2 dress sizes, so I don't care.
Third, Erin Who Is Not a Girl (and rather unfortunately named as a result) decided that I don't just have shortness of breath occasionally, and diagnosed it as actual asthma and prescribed me 2 inhalers.
Fourth, I have an ear infection in both ears. BOTH! What adult (especially one that doesn't swim) gets an ear infection?? We determined it was probably from the crazy windstorm I was in on Sunday. 1 prescription for that.

(Don't just look at how funny I look. Notice the sideways blowing tall grass in the background. That was some crazy strong wind!)

Fifth, being prone to back injuries and currently putting up with some lower back pain, I had him make sure I don't have a slipped or bulging disk. I don't. But he gave me some prescription ibuprofen for the pain.

(for those adding this up that would be nearly $100 just to breathe and live without pain. God bless the freaking US health care system.)

Sixth, Erin Who Is Not a Girl In Spite of What the Insurance Website Said, wants me to come in for a woman's wellness exam. Sorry Charlie (a name that would have suited him better), I have to go find me a female doctor. There's just some things you will never be privy to.


  1. I pay a minimum of $50.00 each month for my asthma.allergy meds and a maximum of over $100 (depending on which as needed prescriptions I need).

    Glad to hear you finally got a rescue inhaler.

  2. Just try going to the IHC instacare facility. It is neither carring nor are they instant.

  3. Krispy3:13 AM

    I know a boy named Erin. Maybe it's the same one.

    I also know of girls named Charlie.


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