Thursday, August 16, 2007

Almost there!

Two months ago I set a goal to lose 20 lbs by this Saturday. (The significance of this Saturday? Julipalooza is in town and we're having a big old party for her.) And I am happy to report I almost made my goal. I'm holding strong at 15 lbs down. I've been a total slacker for the last 2 weeks and not very diligent at all. But I re-found my dedication this week and maybe I'll lose five more pounds before going to Moab for Labor Day (quite possibly my only bathing suit experience for the summer). I'm not only down 15 lbs, but also a dress size. I'm bordering on a second dress size down, so hopefully the next 5-10 lbs will get me to wear I really want to be!

I thought I'd share some of my low-fat recipes that are getting me through this experience. Finding foods that tasted good, but were low-fat, and that I had the patience to make was the hardest part of dieting for me. Breakfast was easy- bagel, cream cheese and a piece of fruit. Lunch- also easy- usually just a lean cuisine or a salad at Fazoli's. But dinner? I'm a fast food person, with most meals in my car. And that was obviously the first thing that had to go. So enter these recipes!

Tomato Artichoke Soup
14 oz can artichoke hearts
14 oz can diced tomatoes (i prefer tomatoes and chiles for extra kick)
2 cups chicken broth
1 cup water
1 yellow onion
1 tablespoon olive oil
(optional- 1 cup dry pasta- boil/cook and add to soup, your choice of a little soup appropriate pasta. option #2- 14 oz can of chick peas)

Saute the onion first.
Put all ingredients in pot
Bring to a boil
Simmer for 10 mins

I really like this soup! It's really flavorful (and spicy with the chiles) and very filling!

Cheese Tortellini with Veggies
9 oz cheese tortellini
1 tsp olive oil
1 lg red onion
1 lg red pepper
2 tbs sundried tomatoes
2 cup chopped broccoli
1/4 cup lemon juice
3 tbs parmesan cheese

Saute the onion
Cook the tortellini
I like to throw all of the veggies into the stir fry and cook them all up together that way, with the lemon juice. (I didn't expect it to be the crucial ingredient, but the lemon juice is VITAL!)
Mix the veggies with the pasta, top with the cheese.
The recipe didn't call for it, but I've been throwing in a small can of mushroom pieces as well.
I've been nearly living off of this dish for about 3 weeks now. I LOVE IT! It's so good!

Shrimp and Red Pepper Sandwich
1 cup cooked tiny shrimp (or 1 little can of cooked shrimp)
1 cup diced red pepper
2 tb cilantro chopped
2 tb fine green onion
lime juice
2 tb fat free mayor

Stir it all up together, serve on a pita or bread. Or if you are me, cook some bow tie pasta, and add the mix to it. ALL very good options.

Last but not least-
Salmon and Rice and a Smoothie
I found these great little 1 serving packages of salmon and tilapia at the grocery store. They cost $1.50 each and are the perfect size. So I have one of those and throw a cup or two of rice in the rice maker for the perfect fat free dinner.

THE Smoothie-
I made grapefruit juice from concentrate the normal way. I hadn't meant to. I thought I had bought and made lemonade. I didn't know what to do with the grapefruit juice, since it makes me gag and all. So I threw 2 cups of juice in the blender with a cup of ice and a cup of thawed out frozen strawberries (chopped). Blended it up for a minute, and VOILA! It's so good! And fat free!

I should point out that these are low-fat meals, but not necessarily low-cal. The fish and soup are relatively low-cal, but I don't think the rest are.

And credit must go where credit is due! THANK YOU MARTI for the great recipes! They were fabulous!

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  1. Ah ha! That is a great soup! I knew it! Confirmation! (Particularly if you're looking for lo-cal and low fat.)


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