Friday, August 03, 2007

Live From the Living Room! It's Bloggerday Night!

Some happy thoughts to counteract yesterday's depressing ones.

1. I went to a Salt Lake Bees game this week. And it was a pretty dang good time!

2. One of my favorite Utah friends just became my favorite Utah co-worker.

3. Lots of great people sent me very kind notes about Mindy. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

4. It finally rained here. A real rain. The kind that actually gets your car wet and cleans the dirt off the tires.

5. I finally have non-desktop internet again. I am blogging from the comfort of my couch.

6. Last night my cutest and littlest nephew Porter called to say goodnight. Except he didn't really say goodnight. We talked for a minute and then he said, "Okay Erin, well, goodnight then!" What 2 yr old says "well, goodnight then!"?!?!

Random Other Question-
Does anyone ever get toe cramps? Not just achy toe cramps, but the kind that lock your toes in a position and you can't stop it? And if so, how do you get rid of them?? THEY HURT!


  1. First off, I'm sorry to hear about Mindy, that made me really sad. :(

    Yay for friends becoming co-workers! Great co-workers either make a horrible job bearable or a good job even better.

    What a cute thing for a little 2 year old to say. Reading that makes me miss my little ones so much!

    I can't say for toe cramps specifically, but I've gotten those types of cramps and I just physically try to bend the crampy body part back...essentially fighting or resisting the cramp. So sorry you get those, they SUCK!!

  2. I've very rarely gotten toe cramps (I think three times) and a couple of the times it was with bigger leg and foot cramps- I just try to massage my legs and feet and try and stretch them out.

    I'm worried that once I start running for real I'm going to get bad leg cramps at night- I'm actually a little worried about that so I bought bananas (in hopes that the potassium will help with the cramps)


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