Sunday, August 26, 2007

Notable Exception

There is one notable exception to my weariness. I had a lovely Saturday morning yesterday. It was the kind of day a Saturday is supposed to be. My cousin, Colette, is visiting. We got up and went for a good aerobic walk, which felt great. (My inhaler is working!) Then we were off to join my two favorite Utahns, Cary and Sean, for breakfast at Magleby's. I deprive myself regularly in the breakfast department, and usually only have a boring bagel or yogurt. But I indulged yesterday with eggs, hash browns and chocolate chip pancakes. DELICIOUS! The conversation and company was delightful. It felt great to not be the new girl on the outskirts of a conversation for the first time in a very long time. Cary is one of my oldest friends (14 years this week!). Sean was one of my first new friends out here and is also now my co-worker. Both guys serve as my daily concierges helping me with learning the ropes in a new town. It was fun to get to introduce them to each other. (they have certainly heard enough about each other) And it was great to have a friend/cousin from home be a little part of my life out here for a few hours.
After breakfast there was some browsing and shopping to be done. Colette and Cary went their separate ways, but Sean and I had fun poking around for a few minutes.
Next, continuing the perfect Saturday, I found myself on a whim at the movie theater. I went to go see "Last Legion" starring my beloved Colin Firth. I was a minute late so I rushed in to the theater. The trailers were still running and I watched them thinking they seemed like odd trailers for this particular movie. And then the movie started. It wasn't "Last Legion," it was "Transformers." Thinking I must have somehow gone into the wrong room, I got up and left. But sure enough, the sign on the door said "Last Legion." So I went to the desk and commented. Shortly after a few more people came out of the theater with the same comments. The people checked, and yes, they were showing the wrong film. So we went back in, sat down, and UGH, they showed 20 minutes more of trailers before our movie started. So my afternoon whim turned into my entire afternoon. But I can't complain too much. "Last Legion" was a fabulous movie. Not only was Colin Firth in it, but the oldest brother from "Nanny McPhee" (he was also the young drummer boy in "Love Actually"), and the lead female from "Bride and Prejudice" (the gorgeous Indian woman who was also Miss World). The movie was "brilliant." I loved it!

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