Thursday, August 30, 2007


Our growing little company is growing again. Which means making room for the new people and fighting for a window office. Right now there are three of us sharing a fairly good sized room with 2 windows, 2 doors, the copier and the fax. We have real desks and not cubes. But sometime next week we have to make room for a fourth person to come join us in our happy, sunny, well-ventilated and rather funny room. (two of my office-mates are reading this i bet. to the two of you i say- i'll place my commas where i want to!)
So we've been trying to plot out our room so as to make sure we all get to have computer screen privacy (because everyone hates having their back and computer screen exposed to everyone who walks in the office, right?), a window view, a slight amount of sound buffer and a decent amount of space.
In the process we've been saying, "But then we'll have to Dwight and Jim it." Because no one wants to be Dwight or Jim in this situation. (Although I'm giving serious thought to putting someone's measuring tape in Jello.) There's only so many options, but happily, no one will be Dwight or Jim. There will be a Pam though. But no Michael, thankfully.
It cracks me up that we've created a new phrase "Dwight and Jim it." And just for the fun of it, I thought I'd share the best of Dwight and Jim, courtesy of YouTube.


  1. A co-worker and I are in a Dwight/Jim configuration. It's actually not all that bad, although I probably wouldn't say that if I was paired with any of my other co-workers. It takes two special people to survive the Dwight/Jim...

  2. Love that video! Let us know when you pull that prank on your office! See how obsessed other office fans have been - The Office Fans Staplers in Jello - LOL!


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