Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things I Learned Today

Losing 15 lbs does not mean you will ever find a pair of jeans that will fit right. I tried on no less than 10 different styles, sizes and shapes of jeans tonight, and I swear nothing fits quite right.
Blame it on the McBride Potbelly. Blame it on a lack of decent abs (made impossible by said McBride Potbelly). Blame it on a tired and sore back. Blame it on having child-bearing hips that have never borne children. Blame it on my really short torso. Blame it on what my mama gave me- too much junk in the trunk. But there are just no jeans out there. And I hate them all.
I particularly hate the Gap for changing the material and cut on the curvy fit jeans. And Old Navy. I don't hate Aeropostale as much. And I still think Charlotte Russe is the great and abominable whorehouse.
I also hate 7 for All Mankind jeans, because they fit and I love them. But they freaking cost twice as much as regular brand jeans, and therefore I resent them. It's hard to wear $198 jeans to a campfire and not worry. You can't go for a long walk, or hike in the mountains, or just do regular errands and chores in expensive jeans. You just can't! Plus, (i know i'm alone on this one) when you pay $198 for jeans, you dry clean them (but only at the $1 dry cleaner). $198 jeans are an investment. And a girl who buys groceries at Walmart in Springville cannot wear her investment when running in to buy a box of tampons. She just can't.
So I'm thinking about buying a pair of good old fashioned $15 Wranglers to offset the 7 for All Mankind jeans just for the tampon buying and campfires.
Now to find a store in Utah that carries Sevens on sale.


  1. I do all my jeans shopping at TJMaxx. I hardly ever buy any - but I try a lot on. (I've even seen Sevens there for around $70!!!) But they don't fit me - they have that gap in the waistband.

    Don't feel bad. Jeans don't fit anyone anymore. My friend Kat and I were just discussing how - not only do most have the gap in the waistband... the sizes are all fouled up.
    We each have to take four different sizes of the same item into the dressing room.
    We both take 0-2-4- and 6 into the dressing room. And she's really an 8!
    I know you won't appreciate this, but I tried on a pair of very cute linen pants in a size 0 and they were too big! (I AM NOT THAT SKINNY!!!)

    Good luck. Hope they have sevens in your size at TJMaxx!!

  2. jules8:57 PM

    Yeah...I'm not feeling bad that you had to buy a 6 instead of an 8. However, I now solemnly vow to do all my jeans shopping at TJ Maxx...even if he can't spell his name properly. I guess I'll know on some level I'm not really that size, but if I can squeeze my saggy cheeks into something that appears to be smaller, wahoo for me!

  3. I'm just saying that this trend toward 'sympathetic sizing' is making it tougher for everyone!

    That and the low waist (which I typically like) effects coverage in more ways than one! Stupid back-gap!

  4. erinannie,

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