Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Things I say way too much

1. Seriously. Seriously? Seriously! ... Seriously.
I blame Grey's Anatomy-

2. Oh my. Oh oh my.

3. Just saying

4. Something, something, I think. (as in, "Tastes good, I think." Not in a questioning tone, but in a british and snobby tone maybe.)

5. Dude.

6. Love you bye. (I'm starting to say this to the wrong people at the wrong time. I don't think veterinarians need to hear me say that on the phone.)

7. Yeah, so, um...

8. Just a little bit (added 12 hours after the original post when I heard myself say it three times)

9. Not so much (not saying how much i say that!)

I probably say more than that, but I'm very aware that I keep saying these. So my goal for tomorrow is no seriouslies. Seriously!

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