Saturday, September 22, 2007

erinannie is out of the office

The quick catch up-
I'm still homesick. I'm trying. I really am.
I'm the only single in my ward. And possibly the only one under 50 in my whole stake. That doesn't do much for helping me find and make friends.
I'm still looking for the ideal second job, just for something to do and another chance to meet people.
I'm getting a new cat when I get back from vacation next week.
I'm going on vacation. I leave tomorrow. A few days in Vegas with my family, a quick trip (1 night) to San Francisco for business, back to Vegas and then camping in St George. I need a vacation. I haven't been to San Francisco in about 18 years, so I'm excited. It's a short trip, but just long enough to see the fog and Chinatown.
It's not easy packing for 3 different climates and several very different scenarios- NASCAR race, family time, business trip, driving time and camping. I have packed 6 different pairs of shoes. And I'm still not sure if that is enough.
I am really excited about the new fall tv season. I expect that will be a blog entry of its own soon.
I woke up yesterday with a very sore throat and massive head cold. I hope it goes away before this trip gets going!

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  1. mattai2:25 AM

    Why not chill with the Oak Hills 8th Ward in Provo which is a 30-something singles ward at least for activities...I know there's tons of Midsingles activities along the Watsach.

    No need to cruise State Street looking for something to do.

    Or you can always our big activities down here in Huntington Beach.


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