Sunday, September 30, 2007

Funny Afternoon Conversation

In spite of yesterday's snow, today's weather was beautiful. I walked down to the mailbox bank and found most of the neighborhood children enjoying themselves outside. There was a brother and sister keeping themselves entertained by the mailboxes.

Little Boy (sitting on top of the mailbox bank): Are you the lady from that house down there?
Me: Yes.
Little Boy: Can I come play with your kids?
Me: I don't have any kids at my house.
Little boy: That's too bad. Kids are fun.
Me: Is that a caterpillar on your shirt?
Little Boy: Yeah. He's mine. My mom is having a baby.
Me: Oh. Right now?
Little Girl: Yeah. Want to go see?
Me: Um, no.
Little Girl: That's why we are outside.
Me: Oh.
Little Boy: Let's go inside and you can meet my mom.
Me: Your mom is inside? Having a baby?
Little Girl: Yeah.
(A small prop plane goes loudly overhead.)
Little Boy: That's my mom's car. (Points at plane) She has a driver's license for it and everything.
Me (nervously watching the little boy standing on top of the mailboxes): Would you like some help getting down from that mailbox?
Little Boy: No. I like it up here.
Little Girl: WALK!
Me: What?
Little Girl: Walk! Let's go see my mom!
Me: Um, no thanks. I'm going back to my house now.
Little Boy: If you get any kids there, let me know so I can come play with them!

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