Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Little Bit More Me

I noticed that more than once of the suggestions below for combatting homesickness was to stay busy. That's been my hardest problem here. I have nothing to do. Ever. I go to work and then come home and try and find ways to entertain myself until I'm bored enough to go to bed. I'm really not the girl I was back in DC. Church involvement? Ha. Yeah right. I'm totally invisible there. Friends? Um, I know 4 people outside of work. All 4 are pretty busy in lives that don't involve me. I'm attempting to get a part-time job just for something to do. I don't need the money. I'm really just doing it to kill time. I have a really clean house. I've even started running twice a day just for something to do. Do you know how bored you have to be to decide to just run?
But there is a small ray of sunshine in an otherwise dull life. For the next three weeks I get to feel a little bit more like me. Tomorrow morning I take off for Kansas City for a few days for a trade show. I get back for a few days and then take off to Las Vegas. I have tickets to a NASCAR race in Vegas, and I'm taking my sister and her family. I can't wait to see the nephews at the race! The very next day my parents arrive in Vegas for a business trip. So I will be staying there for a few more days having some family time. And then I fly from Vegas to San Francisco for another business trip. And then right back to Vegas, where I will then drive to St George to join some people I've only met once, but call friends, for a weekend camping trip. And then I come home.
All the travel and crazies make me feel a little more like me. I'm looking forward to the break from all the boring doldrums. I'm not sure if I'll be taking my laptop with me yet. I kinda want the break from it too.


  1. it's kind of strange that in the place with so many church members it's harder to actually be involved with Church

    here in Michigan there is such a little group that you can pretty much be part of the family right away which is kind of nice

  2. Hey now, it sounds a little like you're having a pity party.

    When I was in Colonial, I had a calling, a bunch of friends. I moved to Langley-and I didn't have a calling for 7 months. I didn't have a calling until I finally said something to a counselor in the ward. I'm so not the person to say something, but I loved my calling in Colonial, and I was hating Langley by about 6 months into the ward, partly because I was so into school and work, I didn't make an effort to meet people.

    Kelli's at her folks house which I'm guessing is 10 miles or so from where you're living. Give her a call.

    Anyway, figure out the type of person you want to be, and go for it! Just don't talk about it, put some actions behind your words!

  3. Suzie and I are always up for making new friends! Drop us a line if you want to get together some time! suzie1and2 at hotmail dot com

    PS Thanks for the Andy Rooney post. It totally made me wish I was over 30!


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