Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sorry to disappoint you, Sir

A few weeks ago I came home from somewhere a sweaty mess. (I can't for the life of me recall where.) I had left my keys in my car (in the garage) and chose to punch in the code on the security system panel, rather than just hit the button on my key chain. Without wasting anytime, I ran upstairs to take a shower. Just as I got in the shower I thought I heard my cell phone ringing. Normally I wouldn't get out of the shower for this, but for some reason, chose to get out this one time. All wet and without a towel, I answered the phone. It was the security company. I had punched in the code wrong and the silent alarm had gone off. (It someone breaks in it is not silent. Just when punched in wrong is it silent.) I had to give them the verbal password. And I gave it to them wrong. So I ran downstairs to find where it is written in a safe place. I gave them the proper password and all was well. The operator said she'd cancel the call to the police. I said thank you and we hung up. Before I could make it from the kitchen back to the stairs, the police were knocking on my door.
Remember the part where I had jumped out of the shower and hadn't grabbed a towel? And how I live alone in a house with few windows, so I don't feel the need to cover myself sometimes?
So I grabbed the throw blanket off the couch and smiled sweetly to the nice young police officer. He smiled back. Big. And still insisted on walking in my front door to make sure everything was okay. (Somewhere in the back of his head you know he was hearing, "boom chick a wow wow".) And then the security system people canceled the call. And he finally left and I got back in the shower.
It all happened very fast and then I ran off to somewhere else. I pretty much forgot it all happened. Today my sister and I were comparing house security alarm features on our houses. And I remembered that story and shared it with her. Right after that I got home from work, punched the keychain button to turn off the alarm, while still talking to her, went upstairs, took off my work clothes and got in bed (bad habit= needing a 15 mins nap the second i get home from work every day). I hung up with my sister. The phone rang before I could even put it down. I could tell it was the alarm company, but they hung up before I could answer. Still holding the phone in my hand and wondering if I should call them back, I could hear pounding (not knocking. police never knock.) on the front door. I was smart enough to pull my clothes back on before running downstairs.
Same cop. With a big old smile on his face. When he saw that I was fully clothed he looked a little disappointed. But told me to call if I ever needed something.
Moral of the story? The Springville PD really has nothing to do.


  1. OR - is he single? :) Maybe you oughta set off your alarm a few more times. :P

  2. That's hilarious!
    So you say he was a nice young officer... but is he cute?

    Do it one more time and I bet he asks you out for coffee or something without caffine, maybe?

  3. The officer was not exactly what I'd call a "looker."


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