Sunday, September 30, 2007

Vacation Pictures Batch #1- Nephews and NASCAR

My vacation started last Saturday when I drove down to Vegas and took my nephews to a NASCAR race. I got the tickets to the NASCAR Craftsman truck series race for free from Vegas Brad. (THANK YOU BRAD!) Always looking for chances to win more points in the "Coolest Aunt Ever" category, I couldn't wait to take the boys to a race.

The boys didn't exactly quite grasp the concept of the race. To quote Tell, "All they do is go in circles??" So I had them pick a favorite car by picking a color. We picked the green car because it matched my John Deere green hat. For better or worse, the green car crashed and had a great blowout, and lost the race. But the boys would have been very disappointed if there hadn't been a big crash, so yeah for the green car!

Porter watched the entire race enraptured. As long as he was sitting in a lap and had his ears firmly covered, he was happy. Every time the cars would come by he would say, "Woah!" Dallin was happy as long as he was eating something and climbing over the benches. Tell was more or less bored out of his mind.

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  1. SistyUgler10:36 PM

    At least you were having a good photogenic night, even if you were wearing that obnoxious green hat. My kids are pretty cute aren't they?


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