Thursday, October 18, 2007

As Seen On TV

Tonight (Thursday) on Anderson Cooper 360! The talk will be all about Mitt Romney and his faith. My uncle, Dane, will be talking about Mitt Romney. As will Elder Ballard of the LDS Church General Authorities. My uncle is good friends with Mitt, and was his mission companion in France.

In other TV appearances, the little X-ray machine, the NOMAD, that I work for has been making appearances on CSI: NY.

Recently the NOMAD has been seen in several episodes of CSI:NY. In case you arent already watching this hit show, you can now see it online. The NOMAD only appears for a few seconds during the weekly episode autopsies. It isnt necessarily used in a completely believable way, but its TV, and it is great exposure.

To see our little X-ray machine click on the following link.

You will see each episode listed. Click on Watch Now.

A short commercial will run first, then the episode.

There is a small timer running below the screen. You can see what time you are at in the show. Ive listed at what moments you can spot the NOMAD.

All CSI:NY shows online

Episode: You Only Die Once: Nomad appears at 7:57-8:50

Episode: The Deep: Nomad appears at 6:02-6:40 (roughly)

Episode: Can You Hear Me Now?: in Part 2, 00:26- 00:32

Ill keep you updated throughout the season with other NOMAD cameos.

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