Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall Cleaning

I finally gave in and accepted the seasons have changed to autumn today. I don't dislike autumn. I just really like to hold on to summer for as long as possible. But the continuous fog and sleet, coupled with the snow-capped mountains today forced me to accept there will be no more summer.
So I enjoyed it while I could. I cleaned my house like it has never been cleaned before. We're talking dusting behind the TV and organizing the sock drawer clean. I even ironed all of my clothes and put away the summer t-shirts. It will be months before I will get to wear short sleeves again. (So sad.)
My favorite part of accepting (albeit reluctantly) autumn is switching to flannel sheets and a warmer blanket. And eating pumpkin pie. I've made three pies this week, just messing with the recipes. My favorite involves adding a little bit of brown sugar and maple extract to the ingredients. SO GOOD.
Now I just have to buy a pumpkin and call it a decoration. And then it will really be fall.

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