Thursday, October 25, 2007

random pictures of the week

Time for fun with pictures I haven't bothered to post before. Why? Because I want to.
Here we have my darling cousins Merry Brooke, Christopher and Savannah. Robert is missing from the picture. I had the four of them (plus friends Josh and Sean) over for dinner on Sunday. These 3 cousins are all BYU students, and it made my day to get to invite them over. I remember all too well my sad and lonely days at BYU when I had no relative to feed me on Sunday. I can't wait to have them over again soon.
Can you see that my hair looks darker? Probably not. But it is!

This is another picture of Mt. Timpanogos as seen or not seen from my office window. This was taken a few weeks ago when the smog and clouds were so thick you couldn't see the mountain at all.

This is my office mate, Sweet Pea. He doesn't get a lot of play on the blog because he's mean. Sadly, he's also my best friend in Utah. When he's not beating me up or kicking me for no reason, I make him business cards with new job titles. Sometimes it says "Cabana Boy," but this one says "Scruffy Nerf Herder" in honor of his new less-scruffy look. (to protect his real identity and my jealous tendencies, i have airbrushed out his contact information. you'll just have to trust me that it was a funny business card.)

This picture is a few months old actually. I went with Dena, Denae, and Kim to a Ryan Shupe Concert. This is Denae and me!

In order, me, Denae, Kim and Dena. Denae and Dena (you try getting that right every time) are my Settlers of Catan playing buddies.

And me. Can you tell that my hair is a lot darker in this picture? Probably not.



  1. I'm glad to know you have family nearby. My cousin Betsy (you probably saw her stumbling around Arlington Ward) is the only way I'm surviving back here with all of my friends and family moving away.

    I can tell that your hair is darker, it looks good!

    Sweet Pea, ha! Does your office mate know you're referring to him on your blog as a term of endearment for a female? I think it's funny. Glad you get to work with friends. It makes all the difference doesn't it?!

    I hope you are feeling less lonely there in Utah. I wish there was something I could do!

  2. Thanks Anne!!! I love hearing from my friends back home. I think I will be sending you a new friend soon. One of my best friends here is possibly moving to DC soon. If and when he does, I'll make sure you get the first chance at the new friendship!

    Sweet Pea is our joint nickname for each other. We both call each other that. A sign of true endearing play fighting love.

  3. Ooh, yay for the potential of making new friends.

    I'm still laughing over Sweet Pea. That's awesome.


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