Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Utah Friends and the VA Friends Coming to Utah for Cougartail

First, if you don't know what CougarTail is, click on it and go find out. Because you should all come!

Next, I am inviting all y'all to the Tavernacle the night before CougarTail. The Tavernacle is a dueling pianos-singalong bar. (you may have noticed in past posts that I LOVE these kinds of places.) And by "all y'all" I mean all the bloggers, Utah friends, and friends flying and/or driving into Utah for Cougar Tail.

And if you don't come to one or both parties, I will be greatly offended and hurt, because you know how hard I have been trying to make friends. And I will consider this a great slight against me that you ignored this very personal invitation to a party.

So Friday, Nov 2- Tavernacle
Saturday, Nov 3- Cougar Tail

So many fun ways to scream and sing yourself hoarse!

Now for the catch- Tavernacle requires reservations. So if you want to join our merry band, you must simply click on "comments" or send me an email and say you will be there.

Strangers welcome. This is how we become friends.

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