Wednesday, November 07, 2007

4 eyes

On the weekends I try to wear my glasses as much as possible. I'm not really supposed to wear my contacts as often as I do, according to an optometrist I went to a few years ago. So on the weekends I try to wear my glasses as much as possible. This past Sunday I must have fallen asleep wearing my glasses during my nap. And I must have taken them off in my sleep too. Because I woke up when I rolled over on top of them and heard them snap in two. Now normally I have 2 pairs of glasses. But back in May my darling littlest nephew (while I was still living with him) brought me my regular pair of glasses in a broken mess. His lack of command of the English language at the time has left it a mystery as to how indestructable frames could be in so many pieces. So I packed the pieces in a box that I have since lost. Which left me with my backup pair of glasses, which suits me just fine.

I wasn't too worried about my glasses. Until I got to work on Tuesday and discovered a co-worker with the dreaded pink eye. For those who don't know, I get pink eye like no other. I get pink eye just thinking about it. And I don't just get pink eye. I get it BAD. And for those of you with 20/20 vision, let me explain. You can't wear contacts with pink eye. You have to throw them out, and only wear glasses. Now suddenly I am threatened with the evil eye, and I have no glasses.

Needless to say I have kept he Lysol wipes handy at work. In spite of this, another co-worker came down with the nasties today as well. So I picked up the pieces of my glasses and headed to Wal-Mart hoping beyond hope that they could fix them for me. I really don't have the time to go get an eye appointment for a new prescription and then have to wait for the glasses to arrive. Alas, they cannot magically glue plastic frames back together for you. But! Since the lenses were intact they said if I could find other frames they fit in, they would just pop them in for me! YEAH! And in what feels like the only stroke of good luck I have had lately, the very first pair of frames I looked at were nearly identical to my broken ones. Within ten minutes of walking in to the store, I had new glasses. And it was all paid for on my Payflex (Flex Spending Acct) Mastercard, which means I spent nothing today. YEAH!!!!!

Now look at the top picture at the new frames and then below at the old frames and see if you can tell a difference!!

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