Sunday, November 11, 2007

Martian Child

Friday night I took a spontaneous trip up to SL Valley to go see a movie with Krispy. We had plans to see a different movie that was serendipitously sold out. So we got tickets and walked in 10 minutes late to see Martian Child. Please note I said serendipitously. Martian Child is my new favorite movie. I can't wait to buy it on DVD. I can't wait to take another friend to see it next week. Like the reviews said, it is a bit sappy. But sappy in a very good way. Krispy and I both found ourselves just letting the tears flow. It's a GREAT movie.

To try and sum up this movie it is basically about a widower single man who adopts an orphan boy with serious social issues and believes he is from Mars. The story goes through both the man's roller coaster of emotions as he tries to figure out this strange little child. And the audience will identify with the child and how he never feels like he fits in, and is, in fact, from outer space. The audience identifies with both sides. John Cusack is amazing. The little boy lovable (and probably the next Haley Joel Osment or MacCauley Culkin). Joan Cusack is the perfect sidekick sister. And Amanda Peet continues to prove she's a great and beautiful actress when she's not doing slutty stupid toilet humor roles.

I admit this movie will be too sappy for some people. But I think it is the perfect combination of family love story and just a tiny bit of sci-fi. In other words, good for men and women. I strongly, sincerely, firmly, highly recommend seeing this film.


  1. Thanks for this review!! I am dying to see this movie and think it looks so good-- but my hubby is the one I'm trying to convince! Maybe- I'll just have to force him:)

  2. I can't wait to find the time to go see this. It looks fantastic!

  3. Krispy11:24 PM

    I'm STILL crying.

  4. I know! I get choked up just trying to describe it to people. This is one movie I WANT to go see again.
    Denae- I'll go with you if you want to do a Saturday (cheap) matinee or something!


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