Friday, November 16, 2007

Things That Make You Go OWWWWW!!!!!

(all things inflicted upon my body today)

1. Dropping the scissors on my own bare big toe.
2. While using some ridiculous lower back/glutes machine at the gym, not paying attention and attempting to use it with the weights set at 200. (I normally do 50-70 lbs on that particular machine.) I think it is possible to literally feel a muscle tearing.
3. Before nearly killing one's self on said machine, doing (under the supervision of a minimum wage trainer) a double work-out. (I think the twitches, tremors, and shaking that follow killer work outs should also count towards the calorie burning.)
4. Biting your own lip when you meant to bite into a celery stalk.
5. Paper cut inflicted by stupid bill envelope.

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