Tuesday, November 06, 2007

We have a winner!

TRS guessed correctly! I was in Newton, MA last week. Sorry it wasn't a more exciting trip or destination. Just a very quick trip to the East and right back again. More time spent flying than actually working. Between the jet lag, early flights, and now Daylight Savings, my sleep schedule is completely thrown off. Yeah me.
TRS, for Googling with confidence, I owe the world a post about you! Sadly, I do not know you (yet) very well. So if you don't mind, can you please email me so I can get to know you better??


  1. Drat! I knew it was Newton, MA after your last post but TRS beat me to the punch. Oh well!! That was fun.

  2. I win! I Win! Whoo hoo.

    Okay, I'll settle now.
    Can't find your email address, um... okay internet ickyness.... here's my 'junk email' - I'll connect you to the 'real' one once we make contact!


    Also, check out my blogspot link!


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