Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!

I am very ready and excited for Christmas. Waiting for the next week to pass is going to kill me (if Horatio doesn't first). I am more than ready and excited to fly back to Virginia to see my family (Dec 24-30).

Things I am excited about-
1. Getting out of my bed and Springville and seeing something new!
2. Seeing my parents' new house for the first time. (It's really hard to picture Christmas when you don't know what the house looks like.)
3. Visiting the amazing Marti who is working in DC temporarily.
4. Hearing my brother speak Arabic for the first time.
5. Riding our horse with my sister Steph. (but only if Horatio is dead)
6. Getting out of my bed and Springville.
7. Seeing the beautiful Old Town section of Fredericksburg all decked out for Christmas.
8. Gift giving! I am giving some very fun presents this year using an adage someone once taught me. "Always give something they either need, want, or cherish." And this year, every gift I am giving falls into one of those categories. I'm really excited to see them get opened.
9. Every year on the day after Christmas all my cousins get-together. I'm looking forward to seeing the new babies, the bigger babies, and all the "big kid" cousins. We have around 70 cousins all get together every year (just the first cousins on Dad's side), so it's always a big old party!
10. The Washington DC Temple Visitors Center! It's just not Christmas until we've gone to see the lights.
11. Talking to my nephews (on the phone) about Santa. We have some really great conversations.
12. Downtown DC- I've been making a list and calling my mother every time I think of another restaurant I want to go visit. And see the Capitol Building and White House. And take a minute to see the FDR monument.

Will I get to do everything? Probably not. But it is nice to think about anyway.

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