Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas With Horatio

It appears I will be taking Horatio et al home with me for Christmas. I will also be taking a large supply of Lortab home with me. Earlier this week my doctor switched me from Percocet to Lortab. And oh what a difference it has made!! With both medications I've been dealing with all of the side effects associated with them. The Percocet made me completely loopy, stoned and an emotional roller coaster. I was crying every few minutes and unable to escape the feelings of misery. 12 hours off the Percocet and on the Lortab and I was the happiest girl on the planet. Side effects of Lortab? "Unexplained happiness." I can live with this. I'm still in some pain, but I don't care much because I'm so dang happy. I wasn't functioning at all on Percocet- couldn't go to work, etc. But I'm at work and able to think on Lortab. Well, sort of. I'm a total space cadet, distracted by everything. And I'm so forgetful that I have to be careful. "Did I take my Lortab yet?" "Where's my keys?" And I'm a complete klutz. I fell down the stairs at work (nobody saw me). I've got bruises all over my arms and legs from running into walls and bed frames. Needless to say I'm not driving much. Oh, and I got lost in Wal-Mart. And by lost I mean I couldn't even tell you what store I was in, or why I was standing there holding a bag of chocolate chips. Okay, maybe I could explain the chips- to eat them of course. I also keep forgetting about Horatio. I think I'm cured and that somehow miraculously I passed all 20 stones without feeling a thing. But then the 4 hours of Lortab magic wear off and I am very painfully reminded of Horatio. I can't really forget him. But if he stays much longer I'm going to start charging him rent.

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  1. Wow. That new picture looking out the bus window is awesome!
    Absolutely love it!


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