Monday, December 10, 2007

Kidney Stones, Percocet, Stoned Thoughts and Happy Thoughts

I am discovering that I do very strange things when I'm stoned. I have been on Percocet for 4 days now. And woah. The hallucinations are insane. The dreams (where I don't really know I'm asleep which is ever more disturbing) are over the top bizarre. Oh, and I have total blackouts where I have no recollection of phone calls or text messages my phone says I have sent. Not good.

For example-
1. There was the dream where I was trying to dig through a public trash can trying to find some new clothes. And then once I found them, Sweet Pea and I went to the backyard of the Church and watched dogs hump.

2. I stood over the kitchen sink for several minutes absolutely convinced I had lost the soup in the sink. (the can was on the table)

3. There are 4 outgoing calls on my phone I have no recollection of making.

4. I forgot how to scramble eggs and vaguely recall considering scrambling them in the frying pan with my finger. I woke up as I washed my hands prior to the scrambling. The eggs were burning.

5. Never try to watch "the Matrix" while stoned and confused on narcotics. It gets very weird.

6. I can't tell if I bought a $50 toy online. I remember very vaguely looking at it and thinking about it. And then falling asleep. But when I woke back up the computer was on the check out screen. I haven't received an email saying I bought it. But who knows what email address I would have put in? And what mailing address I gave it??

The happy thought in all of this is that I think Horatio (my kidney stone's name) just might leave me tonight. And compared to what I've seen other people go through with stones, I don't think mine hurts all that bad. It sucks and I am in pain. But I'm not in horrific pain and I have Percocet. And for that, I am very grateful.


  1. i want to make a movie of your narcotic dreams! I bet they would become top selling cult movies :)

  2. stacer8:22 PM

    Huh. I've been on percocet and other narcotics before and I just end up sleeping a lot. I don't like the feeling of disconnectedness, that's for sure--I like being able to use my brain. I do remember getting very anxious on the drugs I was on after my sinus surgery, and writing an angry letter to a former boyfriend that probably pushed him to get engaged to the current girl he was dating rather than dump her and go back to me like he had the last time, which probably was a good thing, though I still regret doing it.

    And btw, I hate that blogger no longer has the link option to add to your own blog. :( I hate adding a self-promotery link at the end, so I won't do it, but I like how I can follow the links to others' blogs through comments and find other interesting people who know the people I know (and I like them finding me). Makes me sad. I wonder if they did that because of spambots.

  3. Anonymous12:27 AM

    maybe you should cut back on the percocet...hallucinations are a sign that you've taken too much...

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