Monday, December 10, 2007

Lawrence O'Donnell, Hatred, Big Love, McLaughlin, Pat Buchanan, and Mormons

Simply put, I have a new and abiding fierce dislike for Lawrence O'Donnell. Who is Lawrence O'Donnell? Good question. He is a very liberal political commentator and analyst, and sometimes actor and TV show writer. He's currently a small character on Big Love. And apparently that is what makes him an expert on Mormons. He's played an attorney to a fake Mormon on TV. Education by HBO. God help us all.

To all you people who will find this blog today by way of Google and keywords, I am here to tell you, Mr. O'Donnell is full of crap. I am a Mormon and the man is off his rocker.
Watch this clip and you'll soon see why.

First and foremost, let me say this and correct his complete ignorance. Joseph Smith was in no way pro-slavery. Mormons are not racists. It is in no way our doctrine. Who are you going to believe, me- the actual Mormon, or the guy who plays one on TV?

Second, I am just a tiny bit annoyed at Pat Buchanan. I used to work for Pat. I know what a very good man he is. I also happen to be on a first name basis with his sister, Bay. I also worked for Bay Buchanan. She is one of my personal role models, and someone I look up to in every way. She's a Mormon convert of over 20 years. Her family, including her brother, are all devout Catholics. I am not surprised Bay has not been at the forefront of the Mormon debates lately, as she is the campaign manager for Tom Tancredo. But Pat does know a lot more about Mormons and while he did stand up a little for them, it bothers me that he didn't stand up more for them. Not that O'Donnell gave him much of a chance.

Third, if you want a real education about Mormons and Christianity, one of the best articles I have ever read on the subject ran in today's Washington Post On Faith section. It was entitled, "Are Mormons Christians?" And was written by an actual Mormon. Not just any Mormon, but by our church's public affairs office. In other words, someone who actually knows what to say and how to write. It is very well written and explains things beautifully. (Of course, I am a little biased.) If you want to know about Mormons, ASK A MORMON. (you may need a free registration/account with the Post to read that article.)



    This is a link to a discussion about the priesthood ban. It is a discussion among Ute and Cougar fans. It is interesting to note that there is ample room to see the ban as a racist policy not directed by God. Indeed many mormons believe just so.

  2. SistyUgler2:18 PM

    Wow! That was an intense discussion. I think Pat Bucannon did the best he could with all the shouting going on. That actor should be embarrassed, as all actors should be, when they think the public cares about an "actors" political opinion. Joseph Smith was not a racist but I sure as heck think Brigham Young was, but only because of the words out of his own mouth. I think Mormons today need to stop excusing the early church and just say, "yeah, it was pretty harsh". The excuses are what make people look at you funny and say, "wow, you actually believe that?"

  3. Steve-O12:31 AM

    I found a better and more recent thread on the subject of blacks and the priesthood. It has everything Mormons should know. Enjoy:

  4. Joseph Smith and the earliest Mormons were never Pro-Slavery. They were Anti-, at least sympathetic, or Abolitionists. That's one of the main reasons the Missourians were killing them and driving them out of state--because the Mormons were a big voting bloc. That guy O'Donnell is crazy and/or ignorant.


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