Saturday, December 15, 2007

Screaming, Kicking and Fighting

Well, Mr. Osbourne, it may not be kidney stones after all.

It is screaming, kicking and fighting that I go into my second weekend of bed rest and fluids. Why am I back on bed rest? Because I wasn't supposed to be off of it in the first place. After being told my kidney stone wasn't a kidney stone and talking to a specialist who wouldn't see me, and being passed around the medical community, I called my own doctor back and demanded someone actually HELP ME NOW. He was confused and said he had to go look up my scans again.
And oops.
Somehow someone somewhere misunderstood the notes. I still have the 2 big word thingys -that wasn't a mistake. But they are fairly insignificant. It's the 20 kidney stones that are the bigger and more painful problem. For reasons unknown, the nurse misread the notes to me and failed to mention the 20 kidney stones. On the "bright side," they are tiny stones that should pass without blockage. But as my doctor so kindly said, "but they are probably still quite painful." I would really like to kick him for that astute observation. Ya think? You think after 8 days of bed rest and percocet I haven't noticed that they hurt???
Treatment? Bed rest, fluids and painkillers. If you know me, you know that just sitting here with nothing to do is just as painful for me as the actual stones themselves.
So seriously, if you have ANY fun "bed rest" activities that I can do while stranded here alone, I'd love some suggestions- websites, downloads, games, ANYTHING. (reading doesn't work so well for me when i'm stoned on the percocet)



  2. Horizontal macarena?
    Ceiling sparkle counting?
    One-man thumb wars?


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